3 Pill Morning Deliver Infectious Choruses And Heavy Riffs On Never Look Back


The crunch of the guitars, the driving beats, the anthemic choruses…that combination can only mean one thing: 3 Pill Morning is back, baby! After a successful Pledgemusic campaign, 3 Pill Morning deliver Never Look Back to the masses which takes their brand of hard rock to new heights of Pop excellence while pushing the heaviest elements to the forefront.

Four years after their debut, 3 Pill Morning returns with its outstanding follow up which pushes everything you loved about 3PM in the first place to delightful extremes. “The Hunted”, for example, sees an evolution of the heavier side adding elements of djent whereas “The Queen” has one of the biggest chant-a-long choruses as Jeff Stebbins declares: “We Are The Wolves At Your Door/You Won’t Ignore Us Anymore!”

“Never Look Back” is driven by electronics even and features these huge beats and sing-a-longs and all of the things. You guys, it’s a really catchy song is what I’m saying. Speaking of “catchy”, “Vultures” not only defines that term here but also happens to be the break from all the headbanging you’ll be subconsciously doing during the songs that preceded it. Once the lighters are back in your pockets prepare to get your rawk back on when Jon Stephenson’s riffs rip into your skulls and Stebbins unleashes some unbridled rage during “Bottom of the Barrel”.

Sure to be a live favorite, “Out The Door” has sing-a-long “Whoa’s” aplenty causing even the most jaded hard rock fan to bob their heads and belt out the chorus as loud as possible. Then “Tonight I Wrote A Song For You” combines those synthetic elements to make one of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs on Never Look Back. Closing out with “Kill For You”, 3 Pill Morning display a progression even from first to last song here culminating in a fitting fusion of their uncanny hard rock sound with electronic beats.

Never Look Back is out through The Fuel Music/Countdown Entertainment on July 29th. Do yourself a favor and pre-order yours now by clicking here or here.

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