36 Crazyfists Up The Metal Ante With Time and Trauma

CD400_inEasily their most solid effort since A Snow Capped Romance, 36 Crazyfists’ sixth album is a triumph from the moment “Vanish (We All Disappear)” bursts from the speakers. That’s not to say the Alaskan metallers have been slacking since that 2004 classic just that Time and Trauma has a newfound vigor and consistency that was seemingly lacking on recent albums.

The aforementioned track is the perfect jumping on point as it is both vicious and sonically a step above anything the band have put out to date even transcending the “metalcore” label 36CF is sometimes slapped with. From there, shit gets even realer. “11/24/11” is a veritable monster propelled by drummer Kyle Baltus’ phenomenal skills and features a great breakdown reminiscent of something off Bitterness The Star.

Feedback fuels “Sorrow Sings” and reminds listeners what a strong, diverse vocalist Brock Lindow is as he utilizes his uncanny vibrato one minute while ripping into a gut-wrenching wail the next. “Also Am I” just slays. While the song was a pretty good indication of the overall sound of TaT when it was released late last year it still barely scratches the surface of what this album has to offer.

Guitarist, not Arrested Development punchline, Steve Holt once again took on production duties and this time around the results are just magical throughout. When not bashing you over the head with speedy metal goodness, Holt manages to bring out the soulful core of the band to make songs like “Translator” and “Gathering Bones” (The latter of which features a stellar vocal performance from Lindow) really sing.

But if its heavy you’re after then look no further than the start/stop barrage of “Silencer” or the anthemic “Slivers”. If you strayed from 36CF over the years then Time and Trauma is that stark reminder of why this band is still so relevant and vital in the world of heavy music. Return to the fold, people! I’m sure 36 Crazyfists will welcome you all with open arms.

Time and Trauma is out through Spinefarm Records on February 17th. Pre-orders (Some of which include hockey pucks!) are available here.

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