3Teeth Hit The Industrial Sweet Spot On Self-Titled Debut


Mix the militaristic tone of Rammstein’s finest work with the quirky insanity of Bile and you have the simple version of 3Teeth. But 3Teeth is anything but simple. Delve deeper and there are hints of Gary Numan’s later work (Scarred especially) and elements of the band that has graciously offered 3Teeth several opening opportunities recently (Rhymes with “Pool”).

Late to the party but standing at at full attention now, 3Teeth is breath of fresh air no matter when you discover them. Take their debut which will serve as a great primer for the upcoming sophomore outing tentatively scheduled for a 2017 release. It might be over two years old now (In my defense, I did get into them last year so I’m not that late), but still sounds unlike anything out there in modern art-rock or industrial.

Dark and seductive one moment, harsh and pummeling the next; 3Teeth tread a fine line between horror and harmony. From the pulsating mechanical onslaught of “Nihil” through to the industrial instrumental drive of “Too Far Gone”, 3Teeth deliver a debut that demands not only your attention but also your money (C’mon, ppl! Artists gotta eat!)

Balancing the syncopated pummeling on a track like “Consent” with an ’80’s throwback like “Unveiled” is no easy feat but 3Teeth seem to do it with ease. In between all the clamor, 3Teeth also manage to create new industrial anthems (“Dust”), goth dirges (“Master of Decay”), and all manner of synthetic bliss (“Dissolve”, “Final Product”). In short, 3Teeth has created something within their debut that will appease even the staunchest of arms folded, eyeliner running, dressed all in black dark music fan.

3Teeth is out now. Click here or below to grab your copy and get acquainted with the band that will be turning heads even more so in the near future. For upcoming tour dates and new album info, stay updated by clicking here.

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