3TEETH Present Your Industrial Album Of 2017: shutdown.exe

Never mind 2017, <shutdown.exe> might be the most important Industrial album of the last decade. When people look back at which bands were an integral part of the Industrial resurgence, they will look at 3TEETH in awe. And in a year that is producing new offerings from KMFDM, ohGr, potentially Front Line Assembly, and Ministry (Not just any Ministry album either. Trump administration Ministry. Let that swirl in your headspace for a few…), 3TEETH threaten to overshadow them all.

“Apathy” is the one that should’ve had all Industrial fans chomping at the bit when it was teased way before the album dropped. Especially if you knew of 3TEETH previously. It was the perfect intro to <shutdown.exe> and the one that really puts 3TEETH into the collective consciousness of the masses.

While “Divine Weapon” is the nuclear option unto itself as it lumbers on at <shutdown.exe>‘s beginning,  it’s “Pit Of  Fire” that truly delivers the atomic goods and gets this party properly raging with vocalist Alexis Mincolla switching between mechanical melody and a brutal militaristic bark with ease.

The title track is as much a goddamn instant classic as it is a call to arms, reminiscent of everything you loved about late ’80’s Industrial but updated for the times. “Degrade” was another appetite whetter that preceded this release and is every bit as potent within the walls of <shutdown.exe> as it was outside.

“SlaveGod” is a noise-filled cacophonous experiment in excess with synthetics, drums, and guitars blending with Mincolla’s screams to create something that, at times, is like the best new Bile song you’ve yet to hear. “Voiceless”, meanwhile,  is a throbbing electro masterpiece that preludes the gorgeous ersatz symphony of “Insubstantia”. Concluding with the piano-laced banger “B.O.A.” and the beyond grand march of “Away From Me”, 3TEETH close <shutdown.exe> with two of their strongest songs yet which further proves why this is easily the Industrial album of the year.

<shutdown.exe> is out now via Cleopatra Records! Yours can be apprehended here and here. Be sure to catch 3TEETH on their upcoming summer headlining run or, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few places Rammstein will be flexing their German musical muscles, make sure you show up early to catch 3TEETH in action there as well. Dates and more are here.

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