All Tvvins Debut Single “Thank You” Promises Great Things To Come


I randomly came across The Cast Of Cheers when their gorgeous sophomore opus landed in 2012 but since then activity has been relatively mum from the band. But that doesn’t mean the members have been sitting around.

One member in particular is back with All Tvvins and their latest single/video “Thank You” which looks to expand upon that great guitar rock TCOC was known for and add more electronic elements to heighten their sound.

The song, much like the video, will get you dancin’ with driving riffs and beats bringing it back to that great time of yesteryear (You know, 2004) when Bloc Party and Maximo Park were making their initial waves. But this! This is something new entirely. It’s kind of like a more electro-pop version of “Trucks At Night” (From The Cast Of Cheers’ Family album) with soaring Roland Orzabal-like guitar lines and a lush chorus thanks to TCOC and All Tvvins singer/guitarist Conor Adams.

“Thank You” is available now through Itunes and you can see the official video over on NME here. For more on All Tvvins, head on over here or here.

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