All Tvvins Deliver Stellar Sophomore Soliloquy With Just To Exist

Being a huge fan of The Cast of Cheers (The band, not the actual cast of Cheers) it was inevitable that I’d be drawn in when vocalist Conor Adams announced his new outfit All Tvvins and debuted tracks like “Thank You” and “Darkest Ocean” beginning in 2014. Their first full-length (IIVV, released in 2016) delivered the goods and more based on the strength of those early singles and their sophomore outing is delivering even more.

Building from their already established sound, Adams and Lar Kaye alongside producer James Vincent McMorrow have crafted a stunning second outing from All Tvvins that’s every bit as potent and pure joy filled sounding as their debut. “Hell Of A Party” is a subtle reintroduction to the band as this smooth groove-laden ditty builds on syncopated yet driving beats. “Build A Bridge”, on the other hand, guns for the stratosphere with Adams’ heavenly voice synching perfectly with the wall of synthetic air conjured behind him.

“Infinite Swim” is familiar, capturing the “All Tvvins sound” which is this futuristic soulful combination of rawk and funk which brings to mind both Prince and The Time at times. Speaking of comparisons, “My Future” has the beats that could easily show up on a new Future or Drake jam while the title track shimmers and shines like something off of Childish Gambino’s Camp.

But before those two songs enter the fray, singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson joins Adams for the glorious Electro duet “No One Is Any Fun”. Later on, “In The Dark” is huge and bombastic with these killer drum tones before “Better Than Here” delivers the most beautiful sounding song about sadness to close out this stellar sophomore LP.

Just To Exist releases on April 12th through Faction Records. You can get yours by clicking here for a convenient list of all your pre-order options. For more on All Tvvins, including upcoming European tour dates (Sorry, North America!), head on over to this location here.

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