American Head Charge Returns To Worcester, Previews Songs From Tango Umbrella


American Head Charge in 2015 have nothing left to prove to you because they’ve already endured. Endured label woes, a slew of line-up changes, drug problems, death, and eventually their dissolution in 2009. But they quietly returned in 2011, self-released the Shoot EP in 2013, and recently announced their signing with Napalm Records for the release of their upcoming fourth album. They’re currently in the middle of a North American tour supporting Combichrist, Filter, and label mates Coal Chamber which is how we had a chance to see them live when the tour rolled through Worcester, MA over the weekend.

Bookended by a pair of The War Of Art classics (The still-raging-after-all-these-years “All Wrapped Up” and “Seamless”), American Head Charge piledrived through a set which also showcased highlights from 2005’s The Feeding (“Ridicule”, “Dirty”) and, more importantly, a slew of new tracks from the upcoming Tango Umbrella. After some interwebs research (Definition: watching tons of shitty Iphone video uploads on YouTube), it looks like “Perfectionist” and “Let All The World Believe” were played along with another stand out with a chorus of “I Want You To Really Feel It So Bad” which echoes “Just So You Know” but even more amazing. All in all, the new tunes sounded like the next evolution of AHC and if fans weren’t already hungry for Tango Umbrella then they’ll definitely be chomping at the bit after hearing theses songs live.

Together, American Head Charge may look like a group of serial killers once they step on that stage (Keyboardist Aaron Zilch even came out with a creepy ass dollface mask on) but the only thing they’re interested in slaying is audiences with their vicious tunes. The band is tighter than ever in 2015 and vocalist Cameron Heacock is still an absolute monster behind the microphone switching from a Mike Patton-esque croon one minute and a guttural growl the next. Co-founder Chad Hanks III is still the master of the low end while dual guitarists Ted Hallows and Karma Cheema absolutely rip it and accent drummer Chris Emery’s drum attacks perfectly.

Tango Umbrella will be released soon via Napalm Records. Stay tuned to AHC on Facebook and Twitter for more and to find out where you can next catch them live.


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