ANMLPLNET Create Lynch-ian Utopia On Debut Fall Asleep

Honestly, we were smitten as soon as we saw that the opening track was called “I Was Fucked By A Cloud”. Never mind that ANMLPLNET features 1/3rd of Slothrust or that the songs are downright compelling, the fact that they chose that as the opener AND first single sold us on their integrity without even hearing a note of music.

A sprawling six and a half minute opener that’s dreary yet heartfelt. Dreamy yet grounded. Remember during Twin Peaks: The Return where there’d be a featured band at the Roadhouse at the end of each episode, all with a certain Lynch-ian flair? If the series ever came back, it’d be hard not to imagine vocalist/guitarist Leah Wellbaum and drummer Mickey Vershbow on that stage.

Next up, “20, 000 Leagues Under The Serpent” culminates mid-song in a cacophony of sounds, bashing drums, and swirling fuzzed-out guitars then fades back into that Twin Peaks/Audrey Horne swaying-by-yourself-to-the-music in your head kind of vibe.

Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” goes through the ANMLPLNET blender and comes out the other side transcending the original which is a feat unto itself considering how powerful Del Rey’s version is. Here, Wellbaum’s hypnotic voice enraptures listeners even moreso as it glistens until the concluding bombast.

“Elephants Aren’t So Big” has a captivating vocal layer that’s almost childlike, reminiscent of some of Creepoid’s work at times then “All The Butterflies” comes out of nowhere with this bright, happy sound and a continued sense of wonder until gradually getting dark to segue into the eerie instrumental “What I Saw In The Field That Day” which closes out the debut.

Fall Asleep is out on April 20th through Ba Da Bing Records. Pre-orders are up now by clicking here or here. For more on ANMLPLNET, including the latest on potential live outings, head here.

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