Another Lost Year Construct Hard Rock Gold On Alien Architect


Another Lost Year make music that doesn’t exist anymore. Stick with me for a minute. Those hallowed days (Or not so hallowed depending on the kind of music fan you are) of anthemic radio rock that came from 3 Doors Down, Staind, and even Puddle of Mudd (In their early years) are gone. Aaron Lewis went country, Wes Scantlin went crazy, and 3 Doors Down went boring. All the more reason why a band like Another Lost Year is NEEDED in 2016.

Like a breath of fresh air with a familiar sound yet completely standing on its own, “Wolves” opens up Alien Architect (Preceded by Jeff Daniels ranting as The Newsroom’s Will McAvoy during “Intro”) with screaming guitar riffs and pummeling drum attacks lead by Clinton Cunanan’s soulful delivery.

“Bastard Sons” is a shredfest with some of the best hard rock soloing around while “Trigger Finger” really gives new listeners a feel for Another Lost Year with its’ heavy riffage and that barrage of drums coupled with these huge choruses that were made to be sung along to in outdoor stadiums or intimate clubs.

“Best Is Yet To Come” slows it down but only slightly and it’s here listeners can really get a sense of the depth that Another Lost Year bring to the songwriting table. While Cunanan’s voice might be the focal point on this track it’s the subtle guitar licks (electric and acoustic) that push this song to new, perfect heights.

“Memories” treads the ballad line as well until “We All Die Alone” plugs it back in for another classic Another Lost Year arena-ready anthem. Then “He Took Beautiful Away” enters and it’s as if a new band entirely is performing as ALY shoots for the Pop stars with a passionate, heartfelt mostly acoustic song that at times echoes Flickerstick in their heyday (Or Jetta in the Ghost Tree if you want a current comparison).

Ending Alien Architect with “Holding On: Letting Go”, listeners will instantly get their feet stomping as a smile magically appears across their face. If a more perfect hard rock album closer than this has been crafted then I haven’t heard it.

Alien Architect is available now through EMP.  Order yours here right now or through Itunes here! For more on ALY, head on over to their Official Facebook page for tour dates and more.


  1. Nancy Novotny says

    I am a 58 year African American woman, and I just have to tell you this band played at the Bar B Q Fest in Kankakee Illinois and blew me away, i purchased this CD on the spot and have not stopped playing it, I love every song on it even the intro is amazing, so as you can tell i am a true fan of these guys and wish the best on their journey to the whole world falling for them as hard as I have!!!!

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