Armed For Apocalypse Return With Palm Reader EP, First New Music In Five Years Ahead Of New Full-Length In 2019

Are you ready for a little slab of monolithic riffs to fill the void before Armed For Apocalypse drop a full-length banger on y’all? Can only FOUR tracks really be enough new songs to tide a fan over?? These answers and more as you dive into the latest RNRF review (Spoiler alert: The answer to all these questions is “YES”)

But I digress.

“Mass Oblation” comes storming out of the gates in a fabulous fury and goes through so many shifts during its’ three and a half minute opening salvo that listeners will have to keep checking that the next track hasn’t started already (I did at least once). In other words, “Mass Oblation” is some sonic journey!

“Worlds Beneath” is a lesson in sheer exquisite pummeling with drummer Nick Harris leading the charge as Nate Burman and Cayle Hunter’s guitars keep up with the shreddy pace leading to the first of many a solid breakdown found on the EP. “Forced To An End” adds even more memorable monster breakdowns with Corey Vaspra’s bass reverberating into perfect synch with Harris and Burman’s guitars creating an unstoppable wall of sound as Burman rages with a voice that, at times, is like a mix of later Phil Anselmo and Jon Howard of Threat Signal/IMonolith.

And, if possible, Armed For Apocalypse saved the best for last with the ungodly rager that is the title track which aurally beats on your earholes for barely two and a half minutes with a flurry of riffs and drum bashes before peacing out

Palm Reader drops on September 28th digitally with physical editions on the way soon after. For pre-orders, head here. And for more information on the band, including where to catch them live, click here.

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