Rex Brown Shows Off Songwriting, Singing, and Soul With Smoke On This…

Pantera was the first concert I ever attended and at said show in April of 1994 vocalist Phil Anselmo, still high on the fact that Far Beyond Driven had crushed expectations to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts, declared that if Metallica weren’t going to make solid heavy metal records anymore then Pantera were taking their crown and sitting on the throne from now on. Using a lot of cuss words. [Read more…]

Juiceboxxx Sounds Familiar Yet Fresh On Freaked Out American Loser

Oh my, the second coming of the Beastie Boys? A new oasis where Ill Communication plays 24/7, processed through an even more punk rock filter? Maybe the more fucked up Nirvana tunes (“Territorial Pissings” and “Very Ape”, for example) combined with the most masterfully crafted Beasties heavy jams curated by a gentleman who is Ad Rock, Mike D, and MCA all rolled into one? [Read more…]

Dishwalla Return With New Singer, Refreshed Sound On Juniper Road

Who’da thunk I’d be here in 2017 writing ecstatically about a new Dishwalla album?!?! Honestly, I remember “Counting Blue Cars” from 1995 and absolutely NEEDING to get Pet Your Friends as soon as humanly possible and not much else which is weird because after hearing Juniper Road, their fifth studio album, I’ll be hard pressed with a reason to forget them again.

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Hogan’s Goat Channel Some Greats Yet Forge Their Own Sound On Solid Debut

Those of you out there thirsting for Suck Out The Poison-era He Is Legend infused with some of the raw Clutch of the mid ’00’s are in luck because Hogan’s Goat has an album for you! [Read more…]

INTRCPTR Goes For Short, Sweet, and Heavy On I

Yearning for the next slab of Pelican amazingness to drop? Well, you still have to wait but in the meantime, INTRCPTR is the cure for what ails ya! AND this duo happens to feature Pelican’s own Larry Herweg on drums so there’s that at least. [Read more…]

Eldridge Rodriguez Hit O’Brien’s On July 15th! Don’t Miss it! Also, Read This Post!

Disclaimer! This review was spurred on solely by the fact that I won’t be able to experience the “Rodriguez” live on July 15th in person (Goddamn you, family obligations!!!) and needed some place to vent and get as many of you to pay attention and, hopefully, go in my stead. This was also spurred on by the fact that Eldridge Rodriguez is awesome and deserve your attention.

But I digress.

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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir Unexpectedly Deliver The Album You Didn’t Know You Needed To Hear In 2017 With More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse

Who’da thunk Moby would put out the first (and best) post-New Wave release of the 21st Century? Is “Post-New Wave” even a thing already? It should be if it isn’t and Moby can be the progenitor. Seriously the greatest album to drop out of nowhere this year, More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse is the best album you didn’t know you needed to hear over and over. [Read more…]