I Klatus Create New Genre Of Awesome On Nagual Sun

It’s rare in this day and age to find a band or artist that creates something that truly stands out from the rest. In metal especially, sounds just tend to blur together and it becomes a conversation more about who said artist is comparable to rather than if they’re incomparable. Luckily, I Klatus fall into the latter category (But if you’re looking for a starting point: Think Mastodon with their honed talent of today going back to record Remission). [Read more…]

Slothrust Present Unique Batch Of Covers On Show Me How You Want It To Be

Reviewing a covers record is a weird thing. Do you review the original? The new version? The interpretation itself? Covers records in general are a mixed bag. You get the ones that go so far left of center then others that are so on point that they beg the question: “Why even bother?” [Read more…]

Legend Live Up To The Hype On Midnight Champion

It’s always a great thing when you delve into a new band that’s surrounded with as much hype as Legend is and they turn out to be even better than the accolades that came before. And with a name like “Legend” you kind of have to deliver, right? [Read more…]

Phil Anselmo: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation (Part 1)

“Dear William, Get your ass to my joint because we got three days.”

So said legendary vocalist Phil Anselmo via phone recently recounting the genesis and recording of his musical collaboration with equally legendary horror icon Bill Moseley. The Anselmo/Moseley friendship was a gradual one that stemmed from a chance meeting: [Read more…]

All Pigs Must Die Merge Beauty And Brutality Effortlessly On Hostage Animal

Hooray for underground metal supergroups from Massachusetts. Like the yang to Old Man Gloom’s yin and filled with this frenetic energy, All Pigs Must Die return after a four year gap with their most solid release to date while adding more layers as (soon-to-be) former Trap Them guitarist Brian Izzi joins their ranks. [Read more…]

Tetrarch Take The Freak Off The Leash On New Full-Length

Tetrarch at times sounds like that true middle ground between Adema and Korn but set in the year 2017. What is it with the nu-metal resurgence lately? Not that I’m complaining! It’s nostalgia but it’s not because we’re still not so far removed from that era at this point which makes it a fresh throwback? [Read more…]

Powerman 5000 Return To Rawk With New Wave

I have no fucks to give when it comes to my love for Powerman 5000.

Powerman 5000 has been on a creative roll since Anyone For Doomsday? was shelved back in 2001, like a band burdened constantly with something to prove, and continue to astound with their latest slab of spaced out rawk, New Wave. [Read more…]

My Ticket Home Bring Familiarly Surreal Sounds To Truly unReal Third Album

What’s “Unreal” here is how effortlessly My Ticket Home seemingly capture the best parts of an entire genre and made it relevant again on their third full-length. It’s 2017. Nu-metal is dead. So what comes next? Some new nu-metal? Sure, why not! Or “puke rock” as the band themselves call it. [Read more…]