Hyro The Hero Soldiers On With Solid Sophomore Album, Flagged Channel

Honestly, I had to go back through the archives to find that I had, in fact, actually reviewed the debut from Hyro da Hero because the music sounded so familiar when I pressed play on the current record (Check out the review for Birth, School, Work, Death here for a refresher).

But I digress. [Read more…]

Taleen Kali Goes Solo On Soaring Soul Songs

Like a mix of L7, Melissa Auf Der Maur, and The Bangles…that is to say, Soul Songs by Taleen Kali is this perfect blend of dirty punk, desert rock, and shimmering Pop. Wrap your head around that one, okay? [Read more…]

Jason Charles Miller Makes Modern Country Magic On In The Wasteland

Every once in a while Godhead will come up on one of my daily Spotify Industrial mixes and I always think “Whatever happened to them?” For the uninformed, Godhead is a relatively still active Electro/Industrial outfit started in the mid-’90’s and championed by Marilyn Manson who would later sign them to his short-lived Posthuman Records label as well as produce their fourth album, 2000 Years of Human Error. [Read more…]

Death Kiss Volume 2 Collects Some Of Boston’s Best Bands For One Helluva Heavy Compilation

So you get a bunch of local outfits, give them two hours to record a track and see what you get. Sounds like the next greatest installment of an MTV Real World-type show, right? Wrong! This is how the latest volume of Deathkiss came to fruition over at the now defunct EMF building. [Read more…]

Daze Of The Nu: Chapter 1 (Darwin’s Waiting Room)

In which we regale you with stories/reviews of bands that should’ve seen more of the light but were swallowed up and spit out by an unforgiving Metal sub-genre. Welcome to “Daze of the Nu”, our brand new column featuring a different nu-metal outfit that we feel didn’t get the attention they deserved. [Read more…]

The English Beat Return Refreshed And Renewed With Here We Go Love

On my Itunes, just before the latest album from The English Beat, is “March Of The Swivel Heads” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Played during “The race home” in the flick in case you didn’t already know). Oddly enough, that classic track serves as the perfect reminder of how truly wonderful and timeless Dave Wakeling and cohorts are. And like the wonderful and timeless entity that they are, The English Beat bridge that 30+ gap from that particular song/movie with a new album that’s every bit as relevant and wholly a fun listen.  [Read more…]

Yob Brings Soulful And Savage Sounds On Our Raw Heart

This is a site where, if I don’t like it, chances are it ain’t getting reviewed. Mostly because I don’t have the time to waste on stuff that doesn’t interest me and, quite frankly, writing about stuff that I don’t like is a whole lot of negative energy that I don’t need to dispel into the world.

Which brings us to now and stuff I like. [Read more…]

The Nectars Harness All Of The Fun On Raucous Sci-Fi Television

From the minute “I Want It” starts on Sci-Fi Television, listeners should already be aware that they’re in for a unique musical journey. Then Jessica Kenny opens up with lines like “You’re tellin’ me to wait/But I don’t wanna wait/You’re tellin’ me to wait?/You can fuckin’ wait/I want it now” which isn’t really a lyric but more of a mission statement meaning if you aren’t ready for the rawk then press “stop” now. [Read more…]

Cold Cave Set Out On North American Tour, Release You & Me & Infinity EP

As a goth kid, I know that I’m supposed to like Cold Cave but for some reason they never did it for me. I mean, they’re good at what they do and were truly mesmerizing on stage while attending my first Cold Waves Festival last year but something just never clicks for me. You & Me & Infinity might finally be the collection of songs that owns me…or at least opens my eyes to what all the kids are ravin’ about these days. [Read more…]