Hexheart Expands The God Module Sound On Midnight On A Moonless Night

Hexheart dwell in the cold recesses of the goth mind combining the more accessible moments of TR/ST and Cold Cave with the sinister urges of both the Skinny Puppy and ohGr releases. On Midnight On A Moonless Night, God Module mastermind Jasyn Bangert trades synthetic fury for intimate experimentations in songwriting with glorious results. [Read more…]

CKY Rise From The Ashes On Aptly Titled The Phoenix

CKY holds a special place in my heart. Like many an early ’00’s band, CKY was introduced to me during the beginnings my record store retail dayz. I’d hear certain albums incessantly and either have them forever seep into my musical consciousness (Like At The Drive-In and Cave In) or have them cause the involuntary act of throwing up in my mouth (So much so that I can’t be brought to mention those bands here). CKY was, luckily, in the former category. [Read more…]

Harborlights Prepare Physical Copies Of Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree With Bonus Tracks

Hearing a band you’ve enjoyed from the beginning progress over the years is a glorious thing sometimes. Take MA’s Harborlights, for example. Post-rock, post-metal, post-whatever. They’re killing it and their latest offerings are even more proof of why you should all be paying attention. [Read more…]

Fotocrime Drop Short, Sweet, But Memorable Always Hell EP

The only downside of Ryan Patterson’s debut EP under the Fotocrime moniker is that with only three tracks, it’ll inevitably leave listeners wanting, no, yearning for more music from this new outfit. [Read more…]

SYK Marries Meshuggah With Made Out Of Babies On I-Optikon

I get a lot of press releases and album advances and unfortunately, I can’t review everything that comes across my desk. Do I feel bad when I get multiple requests on an album that I simply don’t have time to review? Of course I do! I’m (sorta) human after all. Do I feel even worse when I get a request or two then have a 30 minute phoner with the former lead singer of Pantera who praises one artist I’ve gotten multiple requests for and THEN decide “Huh, maybe I should give this band another listen?” Yes. Yes I do. [Read more…]

Fire in the Radio Create New Genre Of Greatness With New Air

I’ll be honest. I was never into Jawbreaker, Superchunk or Weezer so when promos come across my desk with new bands compared to that trio of outfits then I inadvertently roll my eyes. My alt ’90’s were made up of grunge, discovering industrial metal and thrash so not having a basis for those comparisons must be a blessing, right? [Read more…]

Mark Lanegan Continues To Evolve And Impress With Gargoyle

Mark Lanegan has had a stellar and diverse career. Whether he was fronting Screaming Trees, being an unofficial Queens Of The Stone Age member, lending his iconic pipes to UNKLE, or duetting with Greg Dulli, Lanegan has managed to become something of a musical chameleon. On Gargoyle, Lanegan combines all those different styles into one cohesive album which also happens to be one of his finest 21st Century works. [Read more…]

Summoner Go Beyond the Realm of Light On Latest Masterpiece

How hard do Summoner rawk, you ask? Well, let’s look at the evidence we have currently: Phoenix was undeniably legendary and sophomore outing Atlantian was equally epic. If you’re keeping score, Summoner’s two for two with their recorded works right now and soon to be three for three. That’s right because Beyond the Realm of Light (Out on May 12th through Magnetic Eye Records) impressively holds up to the Summoner standard and could be the definitive album from these Boston rawkers. [Read more…]

Jimmy Urine Shares A Different Side On The Secret Cinematic Sounds Of Jimmy Urine

Those of you expecting a collection of score compositions from Mindless Self Indulgence main maestro Jimmy Urine to be anything but a manic pile of sonic experimentation should brace yourselves for…something else entirely. There’s sonic experimentation for sure but if you’re expecting MSI V.2 then this is not your safe space. [Read more…]

Maximo Park Take Risks, Continue To Exist On Risk To Exist

Little known fact! A new album from Maximo Park is the signifier of a good year for music so it looks like 2017 is going to be a banner year then as Risk To Exist is almost upon us! [Read more…]