Back Seat Redemption Represent The Best Aspects Of Boston Rawk On Edge of Tomorrow: Vol. 1

Back Seat Redemption is the best kind of musical conundrum mixing genres and styles in a way that seems effortless while being consistently cohesive as a whole. Take their latest offering, Edge of Tomorrow: Vol. 1, for example. On first listen through of the 4-song EP there’s elements of Alice In Chains, Dropkick Murphys, and early Bryan Adams with each consequent listen yielding even more layers to the Boston Quartet.

“Walking” is all swirling guitars and steady beats from Dave Sexton as new vocalist Clark Webb makes his stunning debut and his mark in the band while Conrad Martin rattles off some scorching solos. From there, Edge… gets even more interesting with “Give Me A Reason” making a statement utilizing those aforementioned AIC reminders (Particularly the vocal harmonies) and an infectious guitar line that is reminiscent of “Run To You” to create a veritable anthem.

“Crime Pays” paints Webb as a great storyteller, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats throughout building into this huge, swooping chorus while Michael Cosgrove’s bass gallops along providing a steady hum. Then “Edge” arrives in all its’ Americana hard rawk glory next to lead us to the conclusion, replete with sudden bursts of uncontrollable sing-a-long’s from the listener due to the infectiousness within.

Edge Of Tomorrow: Vol. 1 is out now! You can grab your own copy by clicking here or on the stream below. For the latest on Back Seat Redemption, including where to see them live, head here.

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