Bad Rabbits Return To Funky Form On Mimi

I don’t exactly remember my first time seeing Bad Rabbits but I do know it was magical. I walked away feeling like that must’ve been what it was like to see The Time back in the day when they were hungry and starting out. The moves, the grooves, and the energy that flowed through the band just seeped into the crowd and the all around vibe was electric. I went home and devoured whatever I could find of Bad Rabbits and have been a fan ever since.

But I digress.

I liken Bad Rabbits releases to Tool ones as in they’re events. You never know what you’re going to get and they just happen. 2016’s American Nightmare dropped seemingly out of nowhere and was a visceral slab of aggro noise that had more in common with Circa Survive or Thrice than the New Power Generation. And that is part of what makes Bad Rabbits so great: They’re unpredictable.

Mimi, their latest, gets back to the Prince/Morris Day vibe of earlier records with an electro sheen that encompasses all and elevates each track to levels beyond what the band set out to do when they burst onto the scene over a decade ago with Stick Up Kids.

The title track sashays in so hard with a groove that feels familiar and comfortable yet wholly original. And when Fredua Boakye hits that first falsetto everything falls right into place as a general sense of aural nirvana washes over listeners.

“F On The J-O-B” exudes sexy and hearkens back to BR’s earlier work and while this track is all that and a bag of chips, it’s “Mysterious” that comes soon after that is the true JAM! Released as a tease earlier this year, this track is the epitome of everything Bad Rabbits does right. It’s also the kind of track that will instantly put a smile on your face and transport you to a world where you’re free to dance like no one’s watching especially with an infectious chorus serenely crooned by Boakye as he declares: “Mysterious/Body’s so furious/I’m curious”


DISCLAIMER: “Mysterious” might actually cause bouts of uncontrollable dancing.

“Ain’t A Crime” is a glorious slow groove built on sultry synthetics while “Eyes On You” brings Salim Akram’s guitars back with beats driven by Sheel Davé for this booty shakin’ proper club thumper. Rounded out by the electric “Dollars & Change” and the epic anthem of “After Party”, Bad Rabbits sashay their way out of  your collective earholes until next time.

And at a sleek seven tracks and music this tight, you can’t really go wrong with anything found on Mimi. In conclusion, buy this shit.

Mimi is out on August 10th through Bad Records. You can pre-order yours by clicking here then head on over here to find out the latest BR happenings including where you can catch them live next.

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