BEDTIMEMAGIC Has A Bevy Of Bandcamp Releases That Are Bouncin’ And Brutal

Take Boston’s Psychic Dog and Death From Above 1979 when they were making good tunez (Circa their debut in 2004) and you’ll have an inkling of what Nicholas Pentabona and Morgan Berns together as BEDTIMEMAGIC offer up to your earholes on the regular.

Instead of you’re typical review, we decided to give you some highlights of what’s currently available via Bandcamp from BEDTIMEMAGIC and then you can formulate your own opinions, listen freely, and purchase abundantly…and share if you’re so inclined.

Rides The Lowell Train is a must own not only because it acts as a sort of Best of but also because the in between banter is a hoot (“I’m not out of breath, I’m just sad…”). As for the tunes, “CPAP” is spacey and groovy and fun and visceral while “Now I Rest” is a bludgeoning mess of epic proportions wrapped in a concise barely two minute package. Or then there’s rabble rouser “Snore Snore Snorer” which segues into the groove-centric “Hospital Corners”.

Hi-fi noise is the best kind and BEDTIMEMAGIC’s half of a split with Knock Over City is fuckin’ the best. “Tucked In” is loud and nasty then goes to this place of nirvana (The feeling, not the band) before careening back into oncoming traffic by way of the driving sounds of “Dirty Sheets” where Bern and Pentabona trade screams. And elsewhere, “Endless Summer” off of Extra Firm (Demo 2015) is like King Buzzo fronting Unsane. The version of “Guest Cot” from Live on WEMF captures more of that manic, frenetic energy if that’s your bag.

If you’re looking for more recent recordings then you’re in luck because coming this April is Turn the bass down, you Fucks which is a split with Easter Bloodhounds (Who feature Aarne Victorine of forktie and Offworld) and features an updated version of “CPAP” (Which can be streamed below) and more!

You can get your hands on the BEDTIMEMAGIC current discography by clicking here. And for more on BEDTIMEMAGIC, including where you can see them live (Like at O’Brien’s on February 22nd), head here.

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