Big Time Kill Shock and Awe On Stellar And Stunning Full-Length Debut

Thank Jeebus for bands like Big Time Kill out there who are representing for all us electro-loving freaks in the area because, let’s face it, when you think “Boston” and “Music Scene”, “Electro” is not the first genre that comes to mind. So on their debut full-length, Shock and Awe, BTK is here to put their unique stamp on the genre and hopefully pioneer the path for more like them to kickstart the scene in the area.

“Carbon” starts with a steady beat like the bastard son of “Closer” with Adam Schneiders’ voice sounding so familiar yet not (Like, to the point where I’m digging through everything I own because I swear I’ve heard that voice somewhere) until this cacophonous wall of noise comes at listeners, seemingly from the abyss, before returning to the sweet synths and Schneiders’ even sweeter delivery. Helluva way to start off!

“Body Talk” is a veritable anthem with screaming, hypnotic Prince-like guitar work (Think Purple Rain/”When Doves Cry”) split between Schneider and Ben Caccia (They share synth/programming credit as well: The new Jourgensen/Barker perhaps?) which sometimes brings to mind a more unhinged Julien-K. “I Don’t Care Anymore” has the funk out in full force with some space age super sounds while “DTs” really gets it with an Industrial thumper hiding within a sweet love song.

Barely halfway through and “Don’t Need You” expands the BTK sounds with its’ mix of Oingo Boingo and Devo with Chris D’Ambrosio adding some Electric Bass goodness…and wait, is that some sexy saxophone I hear? It is (Courtesy of Patrick Medina)! And there’s BTK in a nutshell: Just when you think you know what’s coming next, don’t!

“Evil” is hyper electro bliss (With backing vocals from Angelika Roswell) with the title track following suit in all its’ bristling beats and beeps glory. Then “Answer” is built on this huge groove and gives listeners a huge aural throttling. In the best way possible! And speaking of throttling, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the brutal guitar assault that transpires next during “Echo Heart”. And honestly, you can’t find a bad track on here which makes for absolutely the best kind of debut.

Shock and Awe is out now as a “name your price” digital deal over on Bandcamp which you can get by clicking here. For the latest on Big Time Kill, including where you can see them live, head over here.

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