Bill & Phil’s Songs Of Darkness And Despair Brings Good Tunes As Horror And Metal Icons Unite


A match made in heaven or hell? Or both? Horror icon Bill Moseley (House Of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and Phil Anselmo (Scour, Superjoint) have teamed up for an album that needs to be heard to be believed (and appreciated). However, if you’re looking for Anselmo-type slaying paired with Moseley’s manic on-screen persona (s) then you’ve come to the wrong place (Although, “Catastrophic” comes close if you’re looking for a “Chop Top” song). Still here? Good, because within you’ll find some good old Southern rawk that’s heavily seeped in the macabre and much, much more.

“Dirty Eye” is almost like Corrosion Of Conformity (quartet era) meets ZZ Top. It’s got an old school ’70’s vibe with Moseley’s familiar howl crying out over the fuzz soaked rock and/or roll composed by Anselmo and Stephen Berrigan (SYK, haarp, Eyehategod). Then “Corpus Crispy” follows and it has bongos! And sitars! And is surprisingly serene despite the lyrical content as the 7+ minute psych jam moves and grooves.

“Widder Woman” is the anti-lullaby and the stuff nightmares are made of while “Tonight’s The Night We Die” is kind of beautiful as Moseley croons out the melody with Anselmo adding harmonies and providing simple yet stunning guitar work underneath. Then “Bad Donut” ends the album in raging fashion (“Raging” meaning fast tempo, not “A New Level”) with Moseley delivering a spoken word performance comparable to Stan Ridgway’s more out there moments.

Songs Of Darkness And Despair is out on January 20th through Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Pre-order your copy here or get it digitally here.


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