Bird transcends Pop, Trip-Hop On Figments Of Our Imagination


It’s hard to put into words the kinds of feelings evoked from listening to Figments Of Our Imagination, the latest from Janie Price AKA Bird. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all around good feelings but hard to explain nonetheless. Listening to Figments Of Our Imagination is akin to having an epiphany, a musical experience, a moment! From start to finish, the album is filled with a variety of tunes that push musical boundaries and genres yet always delivers.

And did we mention that Janie Price aka Bird played every recorded instrument herself? If that doesn’t impress the hell out of you after listening through Figments… then you might be reading the wrong review.

Still there? Good. Then let’s transport you to the Caribbean with a lush, synthetic ride courtesy of Price and her breathy delivery on “Girl Can’t Decide” which opens the album and hearkens to Duran Duran’s Rio daze. Not enough? Then try on “Thrill Me” and the Wall Of Voodoo-style electronics. “The Dare” really embraces those trip-hop elements yet doesn’t because Figments… is not quite trip-hop and not quite Pop. It’s something else entirely. Better? Sure! Glorious? Definitely!

“Stereotype” moves forward and embraces both genres with a sound that hasn’t been heard since Sneaker Pimps’ genre defying Becoming X. “Hypnotise” is a programmed gallop while “Love Love Love” just oozes accessibility until the spacious “Drink Drink Drink” offers up a fitting counterpoint.

Figments Of Our Imagination is due on September 18th. For more on Bird, head here.

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