Bones UK Drop A Whopper Of An Electro/Rawk Debut On The Unsuspecting Masses

If you go to the movies a lot like me, chances are you’ve seen the trailer for the latest female assassin Luc Besson flick, Anna, and heard that bouncy, fabulous music while the title card plays after Sasha Luss has dispensed with some baddies during the tease. However, chances are that you didn’t know who was providing the soundtrack for that brief teaser. Until now! And if you read our header (Or googled “Who does the music in the Anna (2019) trailer) you know it’s Bones UK who will deliver that song (“Pretty Waste”) alongside 11 more of your new favorite jams when their debut lands on July 12th via Sumerian Records.

Bones UK has the brashness of Lady Sovereign, the blunt storytelling found from Mike Skinner and these crisp guitar tones like a Royal Blood rawker but surrounded by an electronic air giving it this Industrial sheen making the 12 tracks found within truly unique. Which, in this day, is an accomplishment unto itself!

From the moment listeners hear Carmen Vandenberg’s guitar work when “Beautiful Is Boring” begins they’ll be hooked. Then Rosie Bones chimes in with a whispered refrain and you’ll be utterly enthralled with the only time you’d even CONSIDER touching that dial would be to either turn it up louder or to press “repeat”. Speaking of the opener, “Beautiful Is Boring” is as much a celebration of the Bones UK sound as it is an incendiary call to arms with this throbbing beats-driven fuzz-soaked, ahem, thing of beauty crashing into your earholes with all the subtlety of an atomic bomb.

“Filthy Freaks” is a little reminiscent of Strvngers and their no fucks given attitude when it comes to talk of sexuality in their music especially when Rosie Bones opens with “I like your leather but I like it better on my floor/I ladylike your legs but I think I like them around me more” while later (And along the “no fucks given” attitude) they tackle drum ‘n’ bass-era Bowie with their version of “I’m Afraid Of Americans” (Originally found on 1997’s EART HL I NG).

“Leach” has sinister overtones but has some Country twang before going to an Island-flavored groove and “Souls” sits apart from the rest of the tracks simply because it’s probably the most accessible on here making it also the most unconventional. “Skeletone” brims with excitement, like something you’d hear on the latest Mark Ronson-produced Queens Of The Stone Age joint with all the confident swagger to boot as Vandenberg’s guitar shines while “Choke” is just the absolute coolest as in Ry Cooder mixed with something KMFDM would conjure up in the mid-’90’s kinda cool with Rosie slyly proclaiming either “You made a murderer/ You made a murderer of me” which is, heh, chilling yet cool (That’s three iterations of “cool” for those counting at home).

“Black Blood” brings out the acoustic guitars and even more diversity to an already spellbinding album, “Limbs” has some Hip-Hop vibes flowing though it and closer “Girls Can’t Play Guitar” concludes the record with one more statement of intent as this Blues-soaked little ditty, fueled by a Rosie Bones diatribe and one more reminder (If you even needed one) that girls can do anything…and in the case of Bones UK they can do it a helluva a lot better than most men in the game today.

Bones UK is out on July 12th through Sumerian Records. Physical bundles are available for pre-order here while you can get your digital on by clicking here. Bones UK will be in the area for the Mad Decent Block Party over at Foxborough on July 21st and returning soon after while opening for The Struts on a date that hits House Of Blues Boston on July 30th. For tickets to those shows and the rest of their upcoming live itinerary, pay attention to their socials by clicking here or here.

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