Boston Shredders The Offering Offer Up Some Killer Metal On Debut EP

Imagine Bring Me The Horizon (Think Suicide Season era) fronted by Rob Halford with a little Dickinson bravado thrown in for good measure. That’s the most basic explanation of Boston’s The Offering you can give to your friends and if they don’t know who Halford or Dickinson are then they aren’t really your friends.

But I digress.

On their self-titled debut EP, out now through the indomitable Century Media Records, The Offering effortlessly fuse new school Metal with Thrash and the best elements of old school NWOBHM.

“Rat King” hits those comparison nails on the head with these “Alligator Blood” tones combined with Alex Richichi’s magical vocals. Seriously, this dude can wail ABOVE the rest of them. Next, “Tales Of Hell” is a riveting onslaught of Daniel Martinez Del Campo and Nishad George’s sick riffage paired with Steve Finn’s sicker drum bashing.

“The Well” is a great amalgamation of that aforementioned Thrash and  NWOBHM as Richichi switches between screeches and growls with ease and Del Campo and George solo away like the ’80’s never made it to the ’90’s as Yoav Ruiz-Feingold’s bass provides the foundation.

“Witch Hunt” sounds like a “proper” modern day Killswitch Engage because let’s face it, that last KSE album was garbage. Also, Richichi’s range is unrivaled and that breakdown at the end of the track blows away most heavy metal breakdowns out there today. And in the great tradition of awesome bands having songs that are named after them or vice versa (“The Legacy”, “Snot”, and “Black Sabbath” immediately come to mind), The Offering close the EP with a self-titled song. And, surprise, it’s awesome. Beginning like a Devin Townsend prog classic from his earlier solo days, the track soon morphs into this metal monster as The Offering stop at nothing to make sure you’re left drooling after what you’ve just heard and at the prospect of what’s to come.

The Offering’s self-titled EP is available for mass consumption via Century Media Records now! Buy yours by clicking here then click here to find out where you can catch them live as well as all the deets of their upcoming full-length, due out in the summer/autumn of 2018.

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