Brown Bird Releases Posthumous Album, Axis Mundi, On April 28th

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It’s weird to find out about the death of someone you once knew and worked with via a press release but here we are. I worked with Brown Bird’s Dave Lamb many moons ago when he didn’t have a crazy beard and he worked at Newbury Comics in Boston. Whenever I tend to reminisce about those days I always mention the time when Dave came out of nowhere, with The Flash-like speed, and jumped a counter in pursuit of some kid trying to steal a Lynyrd Skynyrd CD. He was a great guy and although I haven’t talked to him in years, it was still sad to read that he passed away from Leukemia last year.

Which brings us to Brown Bird and his legacy. Due for release on April 28th, Axis Mundi was finished by wife and band partner MorganEve Swain and features the signature sound that fans of the Providence, RI-based folk duo have grown to love over their five album/eleven year career. For more information about the release, head on over to Brown Bird’s official site. If you’re new to Brown Bird, be sure to check out their Bandcamp page here.


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