Cairo Knife Fight Unveil The Colossus (Album Review)


Is there a more appropriately titled album for Cairo Knife Fights first full length than The Colossus? It’s a behemoth! A monolithic beast of grooves! Like the sexy rawkin’ love child of Eagles Of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age (Think that sweet space between the S/T and Rated R without the detour in hard rock radio land), New Zealand’s Cairo Knife Fight is a sonic force to be reckoned with. 

I first discovered CKF after they were featured in Alternative Press’ annual “100 Bands You Need To Know In ___” issue. The year in particular was 2012 and the hub bub they were being praised for was their II EP which features the still brilliant “The Violence Of Action” (The EP’s $4 on Itunes, do yourself and buy it here right now!). Since then, bandleader Nick Gaffney along with guitarist George Pajo Jr have honed their craft to bring this epic blockbuster of an album to your ears.

Did I not mention that Cairo Knife Fight is also a duo? Yeah, if you weren’t impressed before then just wait until you hear the sounds produced from only two dudes!

Beginning with the title track filled with syncopated beats and guitar loops, Gaffaney (providing drums, bass, loops, AND vocals for the album) and Pajon Jr make an immediate declaration of their intent to rawk your socks off. First single “Rezlord” ambles its way on next and if this booty shakin’ instant classic doesn’t get you movin’ I don’t know what will. Oh wait, I do! Try on “No Longer Silent” or any number of tracks on The Colossus because if you like to groove out to your rawk then you’ve come to the right place!

Remember when Dave Grohl was known solely for his drumming talent? Well, Gaffaney has that in spades. Just check out “Climbing Through Ashes” and if that wasn’t enough for you, Gaffaney also possesses this unique, lush falsetto that resonates on tracks like “All In The Game” and the piano-filled “Die Young”. Add Pajo Jr’s rifftastic offerings on tracks like rocker “Degrader” and “Battle Damage” and you have a total package that beats any rawk album out there today.

The Colossus is out now! Get your physical copy here.


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