Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls Infuse Killer Tunes With Bountiful Amounts Of Heart On Talk Talk Talk

We try not to throw the word “favorite” and “best” around too much because the more it gets typed/said then the less integrity and impact the word has. That said, we also tend to only publish things about artists on this page that we REALLY like so nine times out of ten, if it’s on this site then they did something right to warrant the overuse of those aforementioned words.

But I digress.

I keep a running list throughout the year of bands and albums that stick out so when the days wind down and we prepare for the next year and that inevitable “best of” list creeps up on me, I won’t have to scramble. Talk Talk Talk is definitely on that list and Carissa Johnson & The Cure Alls is easily our new favorite artist because her new trio has put out one of the best debuts (“Band” debut, not Carissa debut) of the year. And yes, we know it’s only March. And yes, we used both of those words. Gasp!

At times Talk Talk Talk is as if Bob Mould resurrected Sugar but instead of playing on the album, he decided to sit back and produce while someone else took over the sacred mantle. That said, ’90’s alterna-rawk is always a good thing but before we banish Talk Talk Talk to one quadrant of the music spectrum, let’s point out that the album holds so much more than that!

“Shatter” is gorgeous. Carissa Johnson’s sultry delivery, Steph Curran’s ferocious guitar onslaught along with Nick Hall’s percussive wail make for the perfect combination to create the most serendipitous of rawk anthems. “Cardinal” is like that aforementioned Sugar sound as Johnson lays down this serene chorus that will reverberate within your soul.

“Two Weeks” is about leaving a job to pursue music full-time (Which you would know if you tuned into our debut DeathKiss Dinner & A Movie show over on WEMF) with Johnson’s opening croon of “I was in love before I met anyone” resonating with anyone who’s followed their passion fully. “After All” is another that just shines with Hall’s thunderous drum rumbling and a track that screams familiarity from the onset yet is wholly new.

“Badlands” is a beautiful, mostly acoustic ditty bounced forward via Johnson’s bass until a scorching Curran guitar line transforms the track into an even more gorgeous piece of music. Then “You Lost You” comes in and is that perfect mixture of heart and sublime songwriting. But really, every song on this record is an instantly memorable slab of awesome that could and should be found all over rawk radio right now. Catchy yet earnest. Driving yet tranquil. Talk Talk Talk is just sublime.

Talk Talk Talk is out now and can be purchased/streamed at all your favorite spots. Like Itunes. Or through Carissa’s site by clicking here. For more on the comings and goings of Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls, be sure to head here.


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