Raum Kingdom Create The Perfect Storm Of Metal On Everything & Nothing

I love full-lengths, okay? There’s just something about them. They hold gravity. Exert a certain heft. Have substance. EP’s and splits are all well and good but I always feel like you’re only getting a piece of the puzzle. Just a little taste.

Which brings us to Raum Kingdom. [Read more…]

We Are Scientists Is Better Than Hagar-Era But Only Just As Good As Diamond Dave-Era On Sixth Album, Megaplex

Who doesn’t love We Are Scientists already?

On Megaplex, fans are treated to an older, wiser, and more mature version of the group that once evaded a ferocious man-in-suit bear during the “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” video and later pummeled drummer Chris Cain with silly string, mustard, pies, and more during the clip for “Buckle”. Does that mean that your favorite indie/electro/pop group has completely turned over a new leaf? Not really. [Read more…]

Strvngers Create The Perfect Night Out To Remember At Your Favorite Goth Haunt On Amor/Noir

What an amazing slab of electro awesomeness is Amor/Noir by Strvngers! If you’re looking for an introduction, or more accurately, a lesson in how you do Electro/Darkwave right then Amor/Noir is the album you need to own yesterday! Or at least on April 20th when it’s actually out to the masses. [Read more…]

ANMLPLNET Create Lynch-ian Utopia On Debut Fall Asleep

Honestly, we were smitten as soon as we saw that the opening track was called “I Was Fucked By A Cloud”. Never mind that ANMLPLNET features 1/3rd of Slothrust or that the songs are downright compelling, the fact that they chose that as the opener AND first single sold us on their integrity without even hearing a note of music. [Read more…]

Back Seat Redemption Represent The Best Aspects Of Boston Rawk On Edge of Tomorrow: Vol. 1

Back Seat Redemption is the best kind of musical conundrum mixing genres and styles in a way that seems effortless while being consistently cohesive as a whole. Take their latest offering, Edge of Tomorrow: Vol. 1, for example. On first listen through of the 4-song EP there’s elements of Alice In Chains, Dropkick Murphys, and early Bryan Adams with each consequent listen yielding even more layers to the Boston Quartet. [Read more…]

Behemoth Release Relentless Messe Noire: Live Satanist Just In Time For Upcoming Shows With Slayer

I know shit about Behemoth, okay? I know of them. I have friends who dig them and know I’ll be witnessing them live for the first time when I see Slayer for the last time this summer. And honestly, I feel like going in blind is a great way to experience an unknown-ish band (To me, we’ve established) for the most part. But then Messe Noire: Live Satanist came across my desk and I decided to throw caution to the wind and just dig in. [Read more…]

Pissed Off Uncle Al Really Is The Bee’s Knees As Evidenced On Politically-Charged/45-Bashing AmeriKKKant

This is one of those after the fact records that stuck with me enough to have thoughts. Especially because I feel the need to defend it against haters. [Read more…]

Gozu Show The Kids How To Properly Worship (And Craft) The Almighty Riff On Equilibrium

Gozu albums have always been these epic events of expertly executed exercises in the worship of the almighty riff but on Equilibrium, these Boston rawkers set the bar pretty GD high for any hard/heavy band out there who dare to try and match this in 2018. If this one doesn’t propel them to the rawk stratosphere then humanity might truly be lost. [Read more…]

Disappears Loses A Member, Re-Emerges As FACS To Debut Stunning Negative Houses

If “Skylarking” doesn’t just hypnotize the fuck out of you during the onset of Negative Houses by FACS then congratulations, you have just discovered that you have some incurable disease that prevents you from enjoying music. And possibly life. Go see a doctor NOW! [Read more…]

Will Haven Deliver Best (And Hopefully Not Last?) Album To Date With Muerte

Sometimes to get a really accurate/real time feel for an album I’ll type notes in the drafts here as I’m listening through a record for the first time. Then there are other times where I’ll be so transfixed by what’s coming out of my speakers that I just can’t type anything. Sometimes in awe. Sometimes because of fear. A new Will Haven album usually takes up a healthy amount of both within my psyche because, on the one hand, the music they put forth is usually so spot on. So perfect. But on the other hand there’s the fear that whatever I type here won’t be able to properly convey how truly amazing the music Will Haven lay down is. [Read more…]