Brown Bird Bids Farewell With Axis Mundi (Album Review)

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You know what? I’m ashamed that I only learned of the music of Brown Bird after the passing of Dave Lamb. I guess the one shining light in all of this is that the album I was first introduced to Brown Bird was their latest, last and best, Axis Mundi, which is a beautiful body of work that will undoubtedly live on and keep the memory of Lamb and the musical legacy of Brown Bird in our hearts, dare I say, forever. [Read more…]

Annisokay Transcend Metalcore On Latest Release, Enigmatic Smile

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I had originally planned to write about Annisokay late last year when I first heard their cover of “Wrecking Ball” and was treated to my 7-year old doing his first mosh in our living room. For whatever reason, that glowing review didn’t make it to post but luckily, Annisokay is back with a new album that has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus and I have another reason to spread the word (Seriously, the “Wrecking Ball” cover was sick! Check it yourself here). [Read more…]

Monolord Releases Vaenir on April 28th Through Riding Easy Records (Album Review)

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A monolithic colossal of a beast of a behemoth, Monolord’s Vaenir is like Masters Of Reality Mach 2 (The album, not the band) with touches of Kyuss and The Sword thrown in for good measure. Within its’ six super-sized tracks (Except for the lone track which falls under the three minute mark), Monolord create an epic sophomore slab that will easily stand out as one of the best heavy releases of 2015. [Read more…]

Marriages Forge A Path Towards Musical Greatness On Salome


EP, LP, Mini-LP…call it what you will but there’s no denying that the debut from Marriages was and is utterly brilliant. The six tracks comprised in that recording picked up the post-rock torch from Isis and rose from the ashes of Red Sparowes to create something wholly unique driven by Emma Ruth Rundle’s unparalleled vocals. [Read more…]

The Prodigy Releases The Day Is My Enemy Today In North America (Album Review)


I’m not sure if this is the most “violent” sounding The Prodigy record that it’s being billed as but it’s definitely the most aggressive one. Since the return of Keith Flint and Maxim Reality, The Prodigy have been a force to be reckoned with live and now they finally have a recorded body of work to match their stage presence with The Day Is My Enemy. [Read more…]

The Soft Moon Releases Deeper, Invades Allston’s Great Scott On April 10th


Let’s call the The Soft Moon’s last album, Zeros, out for what it really was: evil. It was a dark, mechanical slab of utterly brilliant noise that spat in the face of conventional music. The follow-up, Deeper, is every bit as sinister but it’s built with a warmth and earnestness not found before. [Read more…]

Julien-K Ready Indiegogo-Backed California Noir-Chapter One For Release


Have you ever checked out new material from an older band who hasn’t put anything out in some time and just felt embarrassed for them? That’s how I felt when I checked out the new EP from Orgy (Available here if you’re interested). Only vocalist Jay Gordon remains of the original line up and with Talk Sick, they’ve managed to tarnish a respectable legacy with juvenile lyrics and songs that simply lack punch. [Read more…]

All Tvvins Debut Single “Thank You” Promises Great Things To Come


I randomly came across The Cast Of Cheers when their gorgeous sophomore opus landed in 2012 but since then activity has been relatively mum from the band. But that doesn’t mean the members have been sitting around. [Read more…]

Paradox Releases “Nothing Lasts”, New Album Chapters Available Now


Paradox concocts a sound that is eerily familiar of a time when flannel was a fashion statement and angst-ridden frontmen shunned the spotlight and that’s okay. If you’re a fan of the sounds of yesteryear with a modern twist or the bombast of Sunna without the electronics then pay attention! [Read more…]

Dead in 5 Go For The Jugular On Schizophrenic Razor Project

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With a front man that sounds like Joey Belladonna mixed with Henry Font from NYC’s Pist.On and a sound reminiscent of the more brutal side of Southern heavies Texas Hippie Coalition and Rob Zombie, Dead in 5 create a sound (and an album) that’s wholly original, regardless of the comparisons. [Read more…]