Jokes! Episode 9: Deon Cole, Cole Blooded Seminar

Angie Tribeca is one of the greatest new(er) shows on television. Like the classics that came before (Sledge Hammer! and Police Squad! instantly come to mind), Angie is the epitome of satire done right and thrives due to the excellent writing and the stellar ensemble cast. [Read more…]

Jokes! Episode 8: Daniel Tosh People Pleaser


Let it be known that I hold grudges and have held a grudge against Daniel Tosh since that “rape joke” incident happened a few years back. And I’m not talking like a “I’m just gonna be mad at you silently grudge”. I’m talking a “I will stop watching your show religiously cold turkey and never listen to your stand up again” kind of grudge. And haven’t looked back since. [Read more…]

Jokes! Episode 6: Sinbad, Make Me Wanna Holla

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Sinbad is back. ‘Nuff said.





If only you could just take my word for it, right? But seriously, Sinbad  is back with Make Me Wanna Holla: an all new stand up special recorded in Detroit, MI. If all you know of Sinbad is from television shows like A Different World and films like Jingle All The Way and Necessary Roughness (How awesome is this movie still?) then you don’t know anything about how funny this man truly is. Make Me Wanna Holla is the perfect introduction to this comedic genius as he points out the pratfalls (and pitfalls) of everyday life.

Like a gruffer Bill Cosby with a quick wit and no-nonsense attitude, Sinbad dishes out parenting tips one minute (On “Tough Love”), talks about the mindset of the “Commander In Chief” the next (“He’s ready to go home!”), while contemplating getting older during “Foot Problems” (“Gout! I can’t have gout!…what’s gout?”).

He waxes poetic on “Kids These Days” (“You do know TV used to go off, right?”), ponders how it’s possible that the new generation is “Flunking Kindergarten” and worries about the current trend that sees teachers sleeping with students on “Kids & Women”(“Teachers, why you datin’ your children????” “Where was you when I was in school?”).

Through it all, Sinbad delivers well over an hour of comedy gold. Make Me Wanna Holla is out now through Comedy Central Records. You can get yours here and here and view clips and more over at Comedy Central.


Jokes! Episode 5: DL Hughley, Clear

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I had forgotten how much I loved DL Hughley’s stand up. The stand out of The Original Kings Of Comedy is back with his first new special since 2012’s Reset. Recorded at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, Hughley delivers yet again.

Did you ever wonder about his appearance on Dancing With The Stars? The sacrifices he has to make to rationalize eating at Chick Fil A despite their stance on gay marriage (“So as a compromise, I decided to eat the chicken but I’ma leave the bun alone…”)? Why legalizing marijuana is great for preventing suicide (“Now where’d I put that rope….what’d I come into the garage for?”)?

All this and more is answered honestly and hilariously on Clear. He even goes on to discuss the Paula Deen controversy and how Catholics might have been worshiping the wrong Jesus all along (“Scholars believe based in the region of the world he lived in and the diet those people ate that he was short AND hunchback. So all these years we’ve been worshiping Danny Devito!”). If you want the full experience, however, you need to get Clear now!

Clear is available through New Wave Dynamics on Amazon and Itunes.

Jokes! Episode 4: Marc Maron, Thinky Pain


Marc Maron is another comedian/artist that I should be into but never took the chance. Much like Hannibal Buress’ latest (That I recently reviewed here), I finally took the plunge and, boy, am I glad that I did. Besides Maron’s appearance in Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me and a friend of mine raving about his WTF podcast on a semi-daily basis I know nothing about the man except that apparently he’s awesome. Does Thinky Pain prove that theory? It definitely does.

Recorded at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village, Thinky Pain sees Maron flying by the seat of his pants with a set that he seemingly makes up as he goes. And it works.  Beginning with a story about following a set by the legendary Bill Hicks, Maron scores laugh after laugh with his acerbic wit and timing. Navigating from stories focusing on using a girlfriends hangover as an excuse to satisfy a need to purchase Captain Beefheart vinyl, meeting a mystical buddha waiting in line for a burrito (After purchasing said vinyl), and his thought process when formulating ideas for jokes which leads to a great bit on autoerotic asphyxiation and ultimately, more laughs.

Then there’s Maron noting how judgmental he can be (“Fuck those shorts!”) and connecting being on the “Morning Zoo” (You need to listen to know what that is) to the Zombie Apocalypse. As a mid-30 year old a lot of Maron’s jokes really struck a chord in my funny bone but after listening to Thinky Pain it’s apparent that his humor transcends generations and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Thinky Pain is available now through Comedy Central Records at all fine digital retailers or you can go old school and pick up the vinyl version here.


Jokes! Episode 3: Patton Oswalt, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time

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Let’s get one thing straight: I love Patton Oswalt. Not in the crazy way Paul Aufiero loved the NY Giants in Big Fan but in a totally platonic “he’s a cool guy” sort of way. I proudly wore a “sadness bowl” badge on my lanyard for work after Werewolves & Lollipops came out. He inspired a fun-filled night of drinking and Death Bed as well because of that album! Currently I enjoy his stints on Justified and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.L.D  as I wear my Shirts And Destroy tee with an Oswalt quote about the Boston Marathon Bombers (I don’t really wear the shirt while watching shows he’s on, just wanted to mention I own it).

That said, stand up comedy-wise I fell out of love with Oswalt when Warner Bros. snatched him up and he released My Weakness Is Strong in 2009. I don’t know what it was about that album but it didn’t seem to have the bite of his previous efforts. Cut to today and his latest album, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, and Patton has won me back. Back on Comedy Central Records since 2011’s Finest Hour and being a newer Dad has done wonders for the man and his comedic stylings.

Here, Oswalt’s notorious wit is in full effect as he talks about being an equally great and awful Dad, what adorable racism is, and being an undercover comedian to catch prostitutes (Not really). He also shares why you should or shouldn’t live in Maine, Florida, and Berlin (Apologies to those who already live there). And that just barely scratches the surface of Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, a brilliant return to form by Oswalt.

Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time is available now everywhere! Try Amazon or Itunes or go right to the source at Comedy Central.


Jokes! Episode 2: Hannibal Buress Live From Chicago

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“I’m Hannibal Buress, represented by Hannibal Buress”

That statement alone about sums up what you’re getting into when you turn on Buress’ latest, Live From Chicago. Penguin sandwiches, who’ll die first: Buress or Will Smith,  why he’s not currently Scarlett Johansson’s baby daddy, why pissing in your sink is the way to go, or scamming his way into a $75 Eddie Griffin show (See the above statement) are just some of the topics that will have you falling off your seat laughing on is latest.

And that’s just scratching the surface of Live From Chicago. Delving deeper into his special and you get his take on performing for the troops (“A lot of comedians go overseas and perform for the troops…and I don’t”, “The troops have Youtube? I have a bunch of shit on Yotube!”), opening for Tracy Morgan, and why Buress loves New Orleans (Drinking in the streets and throwing yourself a parade are some highlights).

I’ll admit, I’ve been hearing a lot about Hannibal Buress but hadn’t actually heard the man until Live from Chicago came across my desk. Pressing play on this was the best decision I’ve made as far as comedy choices are concerned and it’s the best decision you’ll make, too.

“Yeah, 630 (AM) on Monday…that’s Hannibal time right there.”

That might be the time that’s right for Hannibal Buress throwing himself a weekly parade in New Orleans (See my favorite,  “New Orleans Is Amazing”) but after listening to Live From Chicago it’s pretty apparent that anytime is Hannibal time.

Hannibal Buress, Live From Chicago, is available now over at Comedy Central Direct. The extended and uncensored DVD is available exclusively through and is available digitally though iTunes, Xbox Video,  Sony Entertainment Network, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Target.



Jokes! Episode 1: Jasper Redd Jazz Talk

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I’m never really sure how to rate a comedy album. Do you judge it on the content? On the flow? Or do you go by how many times an album makes you laugh? How hard you laugh? Does a giggle get a lower grade? A chuckle a higher one? What about guffaws? Belly busters?

For the purposes of not wasting your time anymore with nonsensicals I’m just going to say that if it makes me laugh throughout and the jokes stay with me, it’s a winner in my book.

Which brings us to the focus of our new feature “Jokes!” and Mr. Jasper Redd’s latest Jazz Talk. According to his press release he’s appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly, Lopez Tonight, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Tosh.0 to name a few. All I know is, the promo came across my desk and the track listing looked interesting. Best decision I ever made!

With a vocal cadence like no one else in the biz today, Redd covers everything from the mystery of McDonald’s gluttonous mascot Grimace (Redd’s “Mctheory” is that Grimace is the color of your heart, “purple and fucked up”, just before a McD brought on heart attack), where Whopper Jr’s come from (“I don’t mess with the Whopper Jr. because that mean the Whopper been fuckin!”), and some thoughts on his fellow African-Americans and the fascination with slavery films (“Hate slavery, love slavery movies. It’s like a cow watching how hamburgers are made. Why you wanna watch that?”).

And that’s just the first half! Beyond that you get some observations on The Michelin Man (Yes, the tire mascot), a new name for The White House (“Halfway House”), and how audio commentary on DVD’s was invented by the black man (“We’ve been talking over movies for decades!”).

You might not have known this Knoxville native before but with Jazz Talk in stores now and available on Netflix, there will soon be no excuse not to know Jasper Redd.

Jazz Talk is available digitally on Amazon now through New Wave Dynamics. Do yourself a favor and check it out!