Black Moth Deliver Massively Mesmerizing Rawk And More On Anatomical Venus

I was going to start this review off by throwing out a bunch of comparisons then stating “NO! No comparisons needed because they’re indescribable!” but I felt like that did a disservice to Black Moth and the integrity of the hunk of amazing that is coming at your earholes soon in the form of Anatomical Venus. So I went with this opening instead. There’s a few comparisons within. Regardless, Anatomical Venus is the bee’s knees. And then some. And then some more. [Read more…]

Woody Weatherman: A Rock and Roll Fables Conversation V.2

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the classic mid-’90’s version of Corrosion Of Conformity is back! Back as a quartet! Back with Pepper Keenan! Back on tour! Back with a new album! Back!!!

But I digress. [Read more…]

MadMan’s Choice Modernize Old School Grunge On Derailed

If Corrosion Of Conformity and Alice In Chains ever had an illegitimate love child then, chance’s are, it’d grow up to be Sweden’s MadMan’s Choice. With similar vocal harmonies, expansive choruses, and indisputably crushing riffs, MadMan’s Choice transports listeners to the mid-90’s but with an updated sound and vocals like David Coverdale meeting Stephen Pearcy. [Read more…]

JIRM Shorten Name, Expand Sound On Massive Surge Ex Monumentis

Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus is dead, long live JIRM. With a new moniker and a re-energized focus, the band formerly known as Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus (I seriously shit you not, that was their name!), returns with Surge Ex Monumentis which is an enthralling slab of prog rawk regardless of what these Stockholm-based rockers choose to call themselves. [Read more…]

LizZard Prove That The Third Time’s The Charm On Compelling And Epic Shift

Damn, this is how you keep your career interesting!

Shift is not Majestic 2.0 nor is it Out of Reach 3.0. This album is a monster of its’ own making. Mature LizZard? Yeah, that’s a thing now. If you’re looking for “The Orbiter” Mach 2 or even “The Roots Within (Majestic)” V.3 then this is not the place for you but if you’ve stuck with these French prog-rawk ingenues through the long haul then album number three will surely leave you thoroughly satisfied. [Read more…]

HEAVEN Create Sweet Synthetic Shoegaze On Sophomore Album All Love Is Blue

NYC’s HEAVEN do it right. What is “it”, you ask? Well, if we’re talking sonically/musically (Which would be the case since this is a music blog) then “it” is everything. On the follow up to 2013’s Telepathic Love, HEAVEN prove that fact and then some on a sophomore outing that has not only been a long time coming but also more than worth the wait. [Read more…]

River Cult Pack Debut Halcyon Daze With Hearty Jams

Beginning with a  hearty jam that Clutch would thoroughly approve of, Brooklyn’s River Cult kick off their debut album with the walloping “Likelihood of Confusion” which in all likelihood will not leave listeners confused as to the rawkin’ intent of this trio. Concluding with a spacious excursion of sound that’s like a mix of “Spacegrass” and Sky Valley-era Kyuss, the lengthy opener still barely scratches the sonic surface of what’s to come. [Read more…]

Aesthetic Perfection Return With Ebb and Flow In Advance Of Upcoming Tour

Electro titans Aesthetic Perfection (AKA Daniel Graves) return with a brand new single that will have fans drooling for what’s to come on the next full-length and excited to witness live on their upcoming tour. [Read more…]

Legend of The Seagullmen Is The Band You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life And Legend of the Seagullmen Is The Album You Didn’t Know You Needed To Own in 2018

Legend of The Segullmen is awesome. That’s it. That’s my whole review. Never mind the fact that the band is made up of an acclaimed director, a legendary drummer, a genre-defying guitarist and other rawk luminaries…this band just owns. [Read more…]

Philip H. Anselmo Continues Prolific Metal Domination With Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue, Latest Album From The Illegals

What do you get when you mix parts of grind, thrash, black metal, and noisecore in a blender then add lots of experimentation and heaping amounts of intensity? Why the latest from Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, of course!

But I digress. [Read more…]