Replicant Conjure Up The Soundtrack For A Modern Day Dystopia On The Reckoning

First off: It is highly recommended that you listen to Replicant’s The Reckoning at full volume through headphones to really get the full experience.

Second off: It is highly recommended that you love Replicant. Because they rule.

But I digress. [Read more…]

The Erkonauts Perfect Speed-Prog On Frenetic And Fun I Shall Forgive

Amen to music that still makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up upon first listen. Switzerland’s The Erkonauts has all that and more on their frenetic, ecstatic, and cacophonous mindfuck of a sophomore album entitled I Shall Forgive. [Read more…]

Replicant Deliver Future Rawk To Your Door Today!

Oh my goth!

This year’s Cold Waves Festival was appropriately opened by Chicago natives Replicant and upon returning to MA, I promptly decided I must own everything they had ever put out up until now. And instead of picking just one release to focus on here, I decided to review everything I purchased.

You’re welcome in advance. [Read more…]

Scour See Red On Vicious Sophomore Release

Does Phil Anselmo even front Scour anymore because whoever the beast that’s singing here sounds nothing like the guy who fronts Superjoint and Down. Never mind the iconic voice that wailed for the progenitors of modern groove metal, this dude who fronts Scour is a fucking monster! [Read more…]

Jim Healey Creates Acoustic-Driven Sonic Ecstasy On Just A Minute More

I know I’ve typed this in other posts but music like this is what really makes me proud to live in Massachusetts. Whether it’s Metal or Hip Hop or Rawk or Pop, MA presents a plethora of outstanding options for every music fan. Which brings us to Jim Healey’s latest offering which, just like the state it was born out of, offers up another side of the vocalist/guitarist known for riff rawkin’ in bands like Black Thai and Shatner. [Read more…]

I Klatus Create New Genre Of Awesome On Nagual Sun

It’s rare in this day and age to find a band or artist that creates something that truly stands out from the rest. In metal especially, sounds just tend to blur together and it becomes a conversation more about who said artist is comparable to rather than if they’re incomparable. Luckily, I Klatus fall into the latter category (But if you’re looking for a starting point: Think Mastodon with their honed talent of today going back to record Remission). [Read more…]

Slothrust Present Unique Batch Of Covers On Show Me How You Want It To Be

Reviewing a covers record is a weird thing. Do you review the original? The new version? The interpretation itself? Covers records in general are a mixed bag. You get the ones that go so far left of center then others that are so on point that they beg the question: “Why even bother?” [Read more…]

Legend Live Up To The Hype On Midnight Champion

It’s always a great thing when you delve into a new band that’s surrounded with as much hype as Legend is and they turn out to be even better than the accolades that came before. And with a name like “Legend” you kind of have to deliver, right? [Read more…]