Within Temptation Return With Fiery Resist

Within Temptation is another one of those bands that has been on my radar for some time and I get the general gist of what they’re all about but never properly dove in before. And like so many times previously documented in these pages, I truly effed up. Especially if previous efforts sounded anything like Resist, Within Temptation’s seventh opus.

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Alec Hutson Presents A MasterClass In Musicality On Reactions

Take Lounge and Trip-Hop and add on some Latin flair and you have a little idea of what Alec Hutson brings to the musical spectrum. That’s right, it’s a merging of styles you didn’t know you ever needed or wanted to hear together and yet it works. Incredibly well. On Reactions. Which you can get now!

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Circus Trees Kick Off The Race For Best Of 2019 With Sakura

Is it too early to declare a body of music as a “must have” for the new year? If not, then I’d like to nominate Circus Trees. Since we debuted “Impermanence” over on the Deathkiss Radio Show on the now defunct WEMF last year, Malborough’s sibling triple threat has been playing out and honing their talent in preparation for what’s sure to be a phenomenal 2019 for Circus Trees.

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LIYA Urges You To Listen To The Sickest Darkwave Of The New Year With Latest EP

It’s truly a wonderful thing when a promo comes across the digital desk and far exceeds expectations based on comparisons within the press release. In the case of LIYA, the singer/songwriter from Tel-Aviv blows away The Birthday Party and (Gasp!) Depeche Mode references on her latest EP Listen. [Read more…]

Scalp The Pioneer’s Fentanyl I See Is The New Noise Your Ears Need To Kick Off 2019 Right

EP’s like Scalp The Pioneer’s latest (Fentanyl I See, out now) are a tough cookie to crack when it comes to a proper review. You’ve got three tracks adding up to maybe six minutes of music yet the music within is so intense and intricate that it kinda demands a lot of words despite the low runtime. [Read more…]

19 for ’19: An Even More Exhaustive Look/Speculation On What Will Float Yer Collective Boats In The Coming Year

Holy hell do we have to nip this thing in the bud before we even start! The idea was to have 19 solid releases that are in various states of development to fill out our list of most anticipated for 2019 (Get it? 19 in ’19) but then we kept thinking about ALL THE REST that are due (supposedly) so we had to add a precursor to said list which, well, got kind of insane. So for your reading pleasure is this stream of consciousness thing we concocted before the actual list which follows directly after. We even put artists in bold so you can skip around the wordsplosion that’s about to happen. Thanks in advance for reading! [Read more…]

Dan Dinsmore: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation

There’s a lot of layers to Dan Dinsmore. When he’s not creating a glorious maelstrom of unique beats with The Clay People he can be found running his web design and development/PR/Marketing firm Overit or co-managing one of our favorite labels, Magnetic Eye Records, alongside founder Mike Vitali. Yet he still made time to talk to us about TCP’s resurgence and more and for that we are forever grateful. [Read more…]

18 for ’18: An Exhaustive Look At All The Albums You Should’ve Already Heard In The Year 2018

It’s here! The moment you’ve all be waiting for! And instead of splitting it in half this year I decided to bombard you with one huge pile of word vomit featuring everything that got our goat in 2018. Enjoy! Because we definitely did (Links to reviews highlighted where applicable):

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