Monster Magnet Re-Issue Two Classics For The First Time On Vinyl

Man, reviewing reissues is tough because you know these things have already been reviewed before. Do you talk about the technical specs, the new sound quality, any bonus tracks? Or do you just cut the BS and talk about the music? [Read more…]

Josh Todd & The Conflict Create Succinct Stadium-Sized Hard Rawk Hits On Year Of The Tiger

Cock rock is alive and well in the Year Of The Tiger as Josh Todd & The Conflict present an album of infectious and hard rawkin’ tunes for the masses this September. [Read more…]

Flaw Touch On The Past, Look To The Future On United We Stand

It’s always a good indicator of a hiatused (Not a real word) or previously kaput band’s intentions when they not only return with a new full-length but also a plethora of material soon after. Case in point, the newly resurrected Flaw who are set to unleash a new EP barely a year after comeback LP Divided We Fall was released. [Read more…]

Psychic Dog Encompass Rawk And/Or Roll Exquisitely On Lunch Went Well

Bands like Psychic Dog make me continually proud that the Boston music scene is STILL as awesome and vibrant as it is. Forget your Dropkick Murphy’s and your Mighty Mighty Bosstones and even your Standells! If you’re searching for a “sound” that realy captures the sounds of a town then we implore you to check out Lunch Went Well which is out now. [Read more…]

Legendary BURN Return With Do or Die

Can you believe that it’s 2017 and here we are, reviewing a new CD by BURN? Or that I just typed “CD” instead of album?

I’m (sort of, but not really) ashamed to admit that my first introduction to BURN vocalist Chaka Malik was through Orange 9MM (Remember when Chris Traynor didn’t look like Jesus and wasn’t a part of the cult of Gavin?). And even after soaking up all that post-hardcore goodness, I still refused to soak in the glory of early BURN. [Read more…]

Low Flying Hawks Fly High On Epic Genkaku

Magnetic Eye Records is to sludge metal and desert rawk what Metropolis Records is to Industrial and Roadrunner Records was to groundbreaking metal back in the day meaning when you pick up something with the MER seal of approval you know you’re gettin’ sumthin’ special. [Read more…]

Surf Rock is Dead Defies Descriptions On Emotive EP

The term “surf rock” brings to mind Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello flicks and Dick Dale riffing. Surf Rock is Dead, on the other end of the spectrum, brings to mind dark clubs or being alone at a high school dance in an ’80’s John Hughes film staring vacantly out towards the dance floor until locking eyes with your soulmate from across the room. [Read more…]

Raymond Watts: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation

Raymond Watts is a living legend. He is. Whether he’s taking it all on with <PIG> or collaborating with KMFDM or Alexander McQueen, Watts is genuinely a prolific creator. Like fellow Industrial Metal luminaries Paul Barker and Chris Connelly, he is also a man not bound by the rules of the genre. Quite frankly, the man likes to branch out! The proof is in the pudding and, in this case, flows across a plethora of sonic excursions released within a year of the first <PIG> full-length in over a decade.

And the Lord of Lard himself explained how exactly that comeback happened recently via phone: [Read more…]

Howling Giant Presents Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2 And The Best Rawk Jam Of 2017…And More!

2017 has had me starting off a lot of reviews with “Holy shit!” and that is not a phrase I type lightly/haphazardly. The latest case of “Holy Shit!” is due to Howling Giant’s upcoming EP and the fact that I have been, apparently, oblivious to this Nashville outfit until now. [Read more…]