ASG Return With Bold, Beautiful Survive Sunrise

Another throwback to my Popblerd! writing days! I knew it had been some time since ASG had released some new stuff but surely something had come out that I missed in the interim of my writing there and here, right? Nope! It’s been five years since that last album (For a flashback to that review, head here) and ASG has returned with this blistering, burgeoning, beautiful beast of a new album. [Read more…]

Black Space Riders Bring More Rawk On Amoretum Vol. 2, Second Full-Length Of 2018

Have you not had enough of Black Space Riders in 2018? The more appropriate opening is probably that Black Space Riders aren’t done with their loyal listeners in 2018 by offering not one, but TWO full-length albums within six months or so of each other. Kind of like Ghastly Sound releasing two killer EP’s within a year in 2017, Black Space Riders has upped the ante with two FULL-LENGTHS within the span of 2018. [Read more…]

Spaceslug Goes For Bombastic Beauty On Monolithic Eye The Tide

I got a pitch for this where not only was Isis referenced but also Spider-Man. No, Big Brother isn’t watching me (I think?) but going to school and living/working in Boston (At a local record store where members of that band worked/shopped) for almost 10 years coupled with the fact that I have not one, but two, web slinger tattoos on my bod obviously sparked some interest. [Read more…]

Death Kiss Showcase Volume 1: Test Meat

I’d be a fan of Deathkiss over on WEMF even if I wasn’t a frequent contributor on the new “Deathkiss Radio Show” show because the show and the content rawk. And, more often than not, I get my ears opened to so much good local rawk. Which is the case with Test Meat, featured on the second volume of the semi-regular Death Kiss compilations (You can even read about the first volume over on Encyclopedia Metallum!). [Read more…]

GASKILL Shine At Death Kiss Record Release Show, Unveil Special Weapons

If you pay attention to our Facebook page then you know we were so enamored by all the bands at the recent record release show for Death Kiss Volume 2 that we decided that we HAD to do a feature on all the current Bandcamp discogs from the bands that performed at the show.

But GASKILL just put out a new record. So we decided that we’d feature that instead. And still talk about their Bandcamp discography. [Read more…]

The Devin Townsend Project Retires In Style With Ocean Machine – Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv

I miss Devin Townsend. It’s been too long.

What is ending up as the last Devin Townsend Project  recording in their current form, Ocean Machine – Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv, is a glorious celebration of all things DTP with plenty of classics, some rarities and, of course, the entire album from which the performance owes its’ name. [Read more…]

Jaye Jayle Channels Nick Cave And Leonard Cohen On Haunting No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

I kinda sorta heard of Jaye Jayle before but basically went into my first show of theirs as a complete newbie. They were opening for Pelican last fall with Emma Ruth Rundle accompanying the live band and, while nothing could top the Chicago instrumentalists monolithic performance, they held their own in a completely different, resounding way. [Read more…]

Jane In Space Combine The Best Elements Of Industrial On Diverse Gorerunner

With an album titled Gorerunner, Brooklyn’s Jane In Space already has us hooked. But seriously, Industrial music is my jam, okay? And Jane In Space hit a range of sounds from God Lives Underwater meets Gravity Kills on some tracks while others are like a melding of Skinny Puppy and Nine Inch Nails (“Full Stop”, in particular for that mix). [Read more…]

Middle Class Rut’s Triumphant Gutters Is An Album Worth The Wait

If ever there was a band that defined the term “rawk” it’d be Middle Class Rut. Also, have we mentioned how ecstatic we are that this duo is back and making new music together? Because we are. We’re ALSO glad that we supported their recent Kickstarter campaign and have a copy of their FANTASTIC third full-length, Gutters, to rant about. [Read more…]

ohGr Announces North American Tour, Readies TrickS For Wide Release

Yeah, we know. “But this record was supposed to come out last year!!!” Yeah, it was. It didn’t. Get over it because what you have in your hands is well worth the wait and possibly the BEST ohGr record to date. Yeah, I said it.

But I digress. [Read more…]