Elephant Riders Reissue Debut, Introduce New Drummer With Supernova/Challenger

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When I hear a name like “Elephant Riders”, I immediately think of a certain Baltimore outfit who sings about shoguns named “Marcus” and burning beards so If you’re going to come out of the gates as a band with a moniker like that then you better bring the rawk. Luckily for this review, and for new listeners, Malaga’s Elephant Riders definitely do just that. [Read more…]

Cairo Knife Fight Unveil The Colossus (Album Review)


Is there a more appropriately titled album for Cairo Knife Fights first full length than The Colossus? It’s a behemoth! A monolithic beast of grooves! Like the sexy rawkin’ love child of Eagles Of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age (Think that sweet space between the S/T and Rated R without the detour in hard rock radio land), New Zealand’s Cairo Knife Fight is a sonic force to be reckoned with.  [Read more…]

Gallows Evolve On Latest Album, Desolation Sounds


I don’t like Gallows. Never have. I have promos and Gahd knows I’ve tried but I never got into them for some reason. I have, however, been a fan of Alexisonfire since Watch Out! (But again still never got into Gallows even when Wade McNeil took over vocal duties). That’s not to say I haven’t tried from time to time, meaning I check in when a new single/album is out. Which leads us to now and “Bonfire Season” which compelled this review of their fourth full-length, Desolation Sounds. [Read more…]

Vattnet Viskar’s Settler Is A Modern Black Metal Masterpiece


After listening through Settler, the latest from New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viskar, I’m honestly perplexed as to why I never dove into their music before. Vattnet Viskar’s brand of modern black metal is like a more focused/less drama-filled Nachtmystium or a consistent Satyricon, but with hints of Roadrunner Records one album wonder Five Pointe O and way more brutal. [Read more…]

Watertank Unleashes Destination Unknown On June 29th (Album Review)

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Torche comparisons aside, France’s Watertank is brilliant. Sure there are similarities between Florida’s melodic sludgemasters and the Nantes-based quintet but one listen through their latest album, Destination Unknown, and it’s obviously apparent that Watertank is forging a musical niche all their own. [Read more…]

Sumo Cyco Invite Listeners To Get Lost in Cyco City With Them On Debut Album


There is something instantly likable about Sumo Cyco but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the ska/dancehall-infused metal they create that’s like a hybrid of No Doubt and Korn. Maybe it’s charismatic vocalist Sever’s distinct vocal style that at times soothes like kidneythieves’ Free Dominguez or Sneaker Pimps’ Kelli Ali and at others rages like Angela Gossow’s reign in Arch Enemy. Maybe it’s just the great, catchy songs that make up Sumo Cyco’s debut Lost in Cyco City. Whatever the magic answer is, there’s no denying that Sumo Cyco stands out from the rest of the musical dumbfuckery that often pollutes the market today. [Read more…]

Untitled Metal Column: Volume 12 (High On Fire, Luminiferous)


Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve never fully immersed myself in the awesome that is High On Fire. I had a record once (2005’s Blessed Black Wings) but since I’ve only dabbled and been a casual fan. If you’re like me then prepare to slap yourself upside the head for missing out on High On Fire’s brilliance for so long especially after you sink your earholes into their seventh full-length, Luminiferous. [Read more…]

David Duchovny Tries His Hand At Music On Heartfelt Hell Or Highwater


So far this year David Duchovny has put out his first novel, returned to network TV for NBC’s upcoming Aquarius, signed on to reprise his iconic Fox Mulder role for Fox’s X-Files revival, and put out his first album. Wait, what? An album? Like, of music and stuff?!?! Yeah, he did. And it’s pretty great. [Read more…]

Turbowolf Impress On Sophomore Opus, Two Hands


Two Hands, the latest from Turbowolf, is a fun fuckin’ record. Plain and simple. The second album from Turbowolf is sonically like The Sword meets CKY at times and doesn’t let the groove slip for a minute. Propelled by these masterfully structured fuzzed out riffs, beats to die for, and Chris Georgiadis’ unique yowl, Turbowolf epitomize all that could be great in rawk and/or roll. Two Hands will show you why. [Read more…]

Will Haven Open The Mind To Discomfort On Latest Release (EP Review)

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Quite simply, Will Haven’s latest EP is 23 minutes of metal bliss. Actually, don’t call Will Haven “metal”. They transcend the genre. 23 minutes of pure heavy music bliss is more like it. They’re back, baby! Sacramento’s heaviest sons return with an EP that will have longtime fans gagging for more and newfound friends asking themselves: “Why have I just NOW discovered this gem of a band?” [Read more…]