Black Wing, New Project From Giles Corey And Have A Nice Life Mastermind, Unleashes …Is Doomed


Where to begin? Dan Barrett is a musical genius! How about there? If you haven’t heard the sonic landscape Barrett has created under various monikers already (Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey) then consider Black Wing, his latest project, your wake up call. [Read more…]

Bellusira Add Former Static-X Guitarist To Their Ranks, Aim For The Hard Rock Stars on The Healing


Soulful yet heavy with a sound at times reminiscent of the rawness of Sevendust’s debut if fronted by Sierra Kay of VersaEmerge, L.A. via Melbourne’s Bellusira harness an energy that makes their second offering, The Healing, a 2015 shining light. Add some guy named Koichi Fukuda (Static-X!!!) to the mix and this band is truly one to be reckoned with in today’s modern metal scene. [Read more…]

All We Expected & Raum Kingdom Unleash The Beast On New Split


Two bands. Four songs. Over forty minutes long. If that doesn’t tell you what your’e in for when you pick up the new split from All We Expected/Raum Kingdom then I don’t know what will. I’m already biased on Raum Kingdom because they rule like no other so I’ll save the praise of their contribution until later….. [Read more…]

We Came As Strangers Reignite Trip-Hop On Eyedom


Eyedom is probably the most essential, vital trip-hop album of the 21st Century. It’s everything you loved about the mid-’90’s classics from Massive Attack and Portishead mixed with Sneaker Pimps and Sunna to create this fascinating amalgamation yet sound completely original. [Read more…]

Audiotopsy’s Natural Causes Is The ‘Natural’ Progression of Mudvayne, Skrape (Album Review)

PromoImage (83)

Forget the Mudvayne/HELLYEAH connection, the selling point of the debut Audiotopsy album on Napalm Records is easily the return of Skrape vocalist Billy Keeton. Don’t get me wrong, hearing Mudvayne/HELLYEAH guitarist Greg Tribbett and Mudvayne drummer Matt McDonough thrash together in an outfit more fitting their talents is definitely a plus but Keeton’s distinct vocals pushes this project to new highs. [Read more…]

Bird transcends Pop, Trip-Hop On Figments Of Our Imagination


It’s hard to put into words the kinds of feelings evoked from listening to Figments Of Our Imagination, the latest from Janie Price AKA Bird. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all around good feelings but hard to explain nonetheless. Listening to Figments Of Our Imagination is akin to having an epiphany, a musical experience, a moment! From start to finish, the album is filled with a variety of tunes that push musical boundaries and genres yet always delivers. [Read more…]

Fly Golden Eagle Flys High With Quartz Bijou (Album Review)


This is not my kind of band. Not in the least. But there’s something endearing about this group of oddballs that makes me want to listen over and over again to Quartz Bijou, their latest. Like The Blues Brothers meets Oasis, Fly Golden Eagle’s brand of soulful psych rock stands out thanks to their tight arrangements and Ben Trimble’s timeless voice that drives each song to a new level of musical excellence. [Read more…]

Harborlights Release “Riding Ladders” Off Upcoming EP, Record Release Show On July 30th


Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to a lot of Cave In lately, but putting on “Riding Ladders”, latest single from Harborlights (Off their upcoming EP due on July 30th), reminds me a great deal of an instrumental version of those fellow Boston post/prog rockers. Think the early progressive bits of Until Your Heart Stops that morphed into Jupiter with a full on conclusion that lurches into a Pelican-like juggernaut at the conclusion. [Read more…]