Untitled Metal Column: Volume 13 (Destroyer 666, Wildfire)

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Hearkening back to the days when Tom Araya sounded like a veritable madman on every recording paired with the more vicious Testament albums of the late ’90’s (Think The Gathering in particular), Destroyer 666 manage to create a modern thrash classic on Wildfire without rehashing or sounding dated. [Read more…]

Entombed A.D. Drop Dead Dawn On February 26th (Album Review)


Vocalist LG Petrov has a lot of new music to share with you. Since Entombed A.D. blasted back onto the heavy scene after far too long away in 2014 with a new album (Back To The Front) and a new moniker, that signature growl of Petrov has graced the debut from Firespawn late last year and is now ready to aurally assault listeners with ANOTHER new Entombed A.D. record. [Read more…]

Prong Revel In Their Own History On Triumphant X-No Absolutes


I rarely read a review from another site/magazine when I plan on reviewing something myself. But when a band like Prong, who I’ve been a fan of for over 20 years, gets a shitty review in a metal mag I really like then I HAVE to check it out…and debunk every fault my fellow reviewer seemed to find with the record. [Read more…]

Devil You Know Make Their Mark On Sophomore Outing They Bleed Red


Warning: I just saw Killswitch Engage  live a week or so ago so I’m still on a KSE catalog high right now. That said, their new disc with Jesse Leach isn’t out until 2016 but if you need a KSE fix then Devil You Know has you covered. Well, not covered. They’re a whole different kind of awesome featuring former KSE vocalist Howard Jones and on their sophomore outing they manage to truly stand on their own. [Read more…]

Firespawn Invite You To Enter The Shadow Realms On Stunning Debut


Looking to get back on the Left Hand Path with LG Petrov? Then take a ride on the Firespawn train! It’s a brutal, fast, deathily brilliant slab of old school meets new world order death ‘n’ roll. [Read more…]

Youth Code Preview Upcoming Sophomore Outing With New Single “Anagnorisis”


Like most other blogs, sites, what have you…at the end of the year I compose a list of not only what was great about the year but also what I think is worth checking out in the next year. [Read more…]

Wailin Storms Puts One Foot In The Flesh Grave, One Foot In The Halls Of Rawk Greatness On Latest Album


“Think the Murder City Devils… but if they actually murdered people under possession by the god-damned devil.”

That’s a quote from the Bandcamp page for upcoming album One Foot In The Flesh Grave and about as simple as it gets if you need a description for the “Wailin Storms sound”. Throw in a hearty helping of early Danzig and Misfits and you have your very own musical Frankenstein’s Monster here. [Read more…]

Corrections House Personify “Aggrotech” On Latest Album, Know How To Carry A Whip


Scott Kelly. Mike IX Williams. Sanford Parker. Bruce Lamont. All underground legends. All here for your aural pleasure once again as Corrections House. And on their sophomore outing these legends go bigger, badder, bolder, and bleaker. Know How To Carry A Whip is not so much the sound of the apocalypse as it is the aftermath. Think Hardware not Mad Max. [Read more…]