Straight Line Stitch Return With New EP Transparency, Available June 30th

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For some reason, I just never clicked with Tennessee’s Straight Line Stitch. Gahd knows they’ve shared the stage with enough of the bands I really dig but for some reason I never paid attention. Friends, I’m telling you now, after listening to their latest EP Transparency I’ll be paying attention a whole lot more. And so will you. [Read more…]

Mutoid Man Release Bleeder On June 30th (Album Review)


Warning: About two and a half minutes into “Bridgeburner”, the opener for Mutoid Man’s latest album Bleeder, this glorious melee of riffs and drums bombards listeners ears and may cause sudden uncontrollable headbanging. [Read more…]

Black December Debuts Vol. 1, 16Volt Fans Rejoice

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Man, Eric Powell is pissed off. If you thought 16Volt was the be all/end all of Powell then you ain’t heard nothing yet. Rising from the ashes of that industrial juggernaut, Black December might share some 16Volt traits but is something else entirely despite sharing the vocalist. Sure, opener “With This Ending” has enough of those memorable hooks and big choruses that set 16Volt apart from the rest but it’s fueled by this primal intensity not heard from Powell in some time. As a whole, Vol. 1 is a visceral beast and filled with enough rage this side of a Bush-era Ministry album. [Read more…]

Servant Sun Deliver Big Hooks On Self-titled EP


With just three songs, Servant Sun’s self-titled EP packs a punch. Like Killswitch Engage’s younger brother but without the constant viciousness and these grand Alexisonfire moments, Servant Sun tow the line between light prog, alternative, and heavy rock perfectly. And those choruses! They’re undeniably huge and will draw you into their world instantaneously. For that, thank Andrew Macdonald who emotes and croons and screams with a voice that fills listeners with a sense of deja vu but uniquely stands on its own.  [Read more…]

Mutoid Man Slay Boston’s Royale With A Smile On Their Face


Mixing brutality with levity, Boston via NYC’s Mutoid Man stormed the Royale stage recently while supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan. With a new release almost here (Bleeder, out through Sargent House on June 30th), Mutoid Man treated fans to a slew of those new tracks which fit in seamlessly alongside tracks from 2013’s Helium Head. [Read more…]

Elephant Riders Reissue Debut, Introduce New Drummer With Supernova/Challenger

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When I hear a name like “Elephant Riders”, I immediately think of a certain Baltimore outfit who sings about shoguns named “Marcus” and burning beards so If you’re going to come out of the gates as a band with a moniker like that then you better bring the rawk. Luckily for this review, and for new listeners, Malaga’s Elephant Riders definitely do just that. [Read more…]

Cairo Knife Fight Unveil The Colossus (Album Review)


Is there a more appropriately titled album for Cairo Knife Fights first full length than The Colossus? It’s a behemoth! A monolithic beast of grooves! Like the sexy rawkin’ love child of Eagles Of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age (Think that sweet space between the S/T and Rated R without the detour in hard rock radio land), New Zealand’s Cairo Knife Fight is a sonic force to be reckoned with.  [Read more…]

Gallows Evolve On Latest Album, Desolation Sounds


I don’t like Gallows. Never have. I have promos and Gahd knows I’ve tried but I never got into them for some reason. I have, however, been a fan of Alexisonfire since Watch Out! (But again still never got into Gallows even when Wade McNeil took over vocal duties). That’s not to say I haven’t tried from time to time, meaning I check in when a new single/album is out. Which leads us to now and “Bonfire Season” which compelled this review of their fourth full-length, Desolation Sounds. [Read more…]

Vattnet Viskar’s Settler Is A Modern Black Metal Masterpiece


After listening through Settler, the latest from New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viskar, I’m honestly perplexed as to why I never dove into their music before. Vattnet Viskar’s brand of modern black metal is like a more focused/less drama-filled Nachtmystium or a consistent Satyricon, but with hints of Roadrunner Records one album wonder Five Pointe O and way more brutal. [Read more…]