Singles! Misery Loves Co., “Way Back Home”

To preface this review, I just finished listening to the new Cave In record featuring the last performances of Caleb Scofield and purposely saved this new one from Misery Loves Co. as a point of emotional re-entry

And I’m glad I did.

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Singles! Another Crush, “Empty Promises”

“Observers of existential horrors & everything you wish had happened”

And so it is written in the “about” section on Facebook regarding Ontario’s Another Crush and after hearing single “Empty Promises”, a song about those relationships that you give everything to yet continually are let down by, we’re going to wholeheartedly agree.

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Singles! Replicant, “Lifelike”

The title track to a lost album is what “Lifelike”, the latest from Chicago’s Replicant, is being branded as and if this is any indication of what the rest of that record was going to sound like then we’re praying to the Electro Gods that the rest is found soon! Initially recorded in 2016, the track sounds just as fresh and relevant as anything the band has put out lately (In particular last year’s The Resistance which we reviewed right here).

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Singles! Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls, “Something Good”

There are artists out there that, whenever they put anything new out, immediately bring a smile to listeners faces…not necessarily because the music itself is feel good or happy go lucky but because of a sense of pride that this given artist is continually putting out compelling and exciting new music.

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Singles!: The Black Fever, “Marketing”

It’s rare that any one song compels us to pull out the old “Singles!” header but damn if The Black Fever’s brand of earnest post-rawk on new track “Marketing” doesn’t hit all the right buttons compelling us to do just that!

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Silvertomb debut “Insomnia”, Hit The Road With Life Of Agony

Without even hearing a note, the new project featuring former Type O Negative members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly already had a spot on our “Most Anticipated Of 2018” list that we posted in January (Don’t believe us? Click here). [Read more…]

Modern Mimes Preview Next Full-Length With New Single “Stare”

I became aware of Fort Lauderdale’s Modern Mimes after their cover of Type O Negative’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” was released and, quite frankly, was pretty blown away. As a tattoo-emblazoned, TON-loving uber fan (As in, bought the Playgirl and had it signed…or bought tickets at a far away outdoor amphitheater to see them despite the set being just an opening slot for Queensryche) I was impressed not only because it takes some chutzpah to cover Type O in the first place but then to take on one of the “modern” tracks to boot? Get outta here! But they did it justice and managed to elevate it beyond the original.  [Read more…]