Dive Exit Show Fans What “Living Dangerous” Is All About On Latest Single/Video


What can one possibly say about a song that has everything? Not much really because Dive Exit’s “Living Dangerous” has it all: great riffs, a catchy chorus, AND a fun video! But I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something…. [Read more…]

Video View: Youth Code, “Consuming Guilt”


At some point there must’ve been a timewarp that brought back early Skinny Puppy into the present day or at the very least, Youth Code is some alternate universe version of SP. Regardless of what higher power brought this Los Angeles duo to industrial’s doorstep just be thankful that they’re here. They’re vicious, they’re danceable, and they have a message. The lead single off their latest EP, A Place To Stand, “Consuming Guilt” has all of those parts and more. [Read more…]

Video View: Dubioza kolektiv, “No Escape (from Balkan)”


Move over Gogol Bordello because there’s a new “kolektiv” in town ready to topple your reign as the international crossover “Wanderlust King”. Their name is Dubioza kolektiv and their sound, quite simply, is infectious. Combining sounds from their native land of Bosnia with some amped up grooves and guitars melding ska and funk with metal, Dubioza kolektiv create a unique dichotomy that will have new listeners instantly hooked.

There’s a link in the Youtube clip below for “No Escape (from Balkan) to get their newest (FREE!) EP, Happy Machine,  but in the meantime  you can check out Wild Wild East here before their upcoming album hits in 2015 through Bill Gould’s KoolArrow Records.


Hank & Cupcakes hit the road, unveil new video for “Bat Your Eyelids”!


Things are starting to heat up in Hank & Cupcakes land! Their latest album, CA$H 4 GOLD, has just been released and they’re about to embark upon a massive North American tour. As a proper send off (And to remind you why you need to check them out on tour), Hank & Cupcakes have released their self-made video for C4G opener “Bat Your Eyelids” and like most everything the duo do, it rocks. Propelled by Cupcakes raw charisma and the seemingly simple yet fascinating imagery, “Bat Your Eyelids” captures the eye-catching synth-fueled world of H&C in a glorious three minutes.

But enough talking from me. I’ll let the music (and video) speak for itself.

CA$H 4 GOLD is, of course, out now. Go here for the tour dates and here for the music.


Video View: Nervous Nellie, “Skeletons”


“I got a heartbeat/I got some sense of self/I’ve got a closet/Skeletons on the shelf”

Thus begins “Skeletons”, the first track from Where The Nightmare Gets In-Theta: Chapter One by Sweden’s Nervous Nellie. It’s the lead track off the first in a series of mini-albums/EP’s that will eventually be released together as their fourth full-length in December.

But how does it sound?

Amidst a driving low end, layered synths and vocals reminiscent of Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and New Radicals’ Gregg Alexander, Nervous Nellie explodes onto the scene with a sound that can be best described as indie post-punk Pop. Got it? Good.

And the video?

It’s cool! If you like fire, a sense of tribalism, and dig the song already then this is the perfect visual accompaniment.

Theta: Chapter One is available now on Amazon and Itunes. You can also stream it on Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer.

Where The Nightmare Gets In will be released in December. I , for one, am excited to hear what’s to come. To find out more about Nervous Nellie, head on over to their Facebook page here.

Video View: Life On Planet 9, “Rainy Days”


And for our 101st post, we go to a singer that inspired the next half of our musical journey. I’m talking about that other legend, Pete Murray, of course! Haunting, yet exhilarating, the first track off the upcoming sophomore release from Life On Planet 9 is everything fans have come to expect from Murray and more.

While Murray exercises his soprano vocal muscles, guitarist Neil Godfrey goes for the subtle approach which makes for a rousing arrangement and a welcome return from one of the most underrated duos in modern rock.

As for the video: Do you really need anything more than the  two fine gentlemen of  Life On Planet 9 rocking out while looking dapper? No, I suspect you do not.

The Theory Of Everything is out on August 26th. Stay tuned to Life On Planet 9’s Twitter and Facebook pages for information on where you can get your copy.


Video View: Hank & Cupcakes, “Relax”


Remember during MTV’s heyday in the ’80’s when music videos were just starting out and were all quirky and creative? Hank & Cupcakes sure remember as they unveil the latest song off the upcoming CA$H 4 GOLD album, “Relax”. The video is pretty kooky yet inventive and undoubtedly a reminder of the long gone days of MTV playing cool videos.

As for the song? It’s a rocker. Pretty sonic and slamming and a far cry from the previously released “Cocaina” earlier this year presenting more diversity for an album that’s sure to be a stand out of 2014.

You can check out “Relax” below and then support Hank & Cupcakes by contributing to their (almost over) CA$H 4 GOLD Kickstarter campaign here.



Video View: Sex Hands, “Pivot”


In the all encompassing category of “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover”, Sex Hands come out of left field with “Pivot”, reminding listeners of Caesars’ raucous “Jerk It Out” albeit without that organ. It’s a wacky video (Those eyes! Mad psychedelia!) for two solid minutes of jangly guitars, dreamy hooks , and solid beats on a song which may or may not be inspired by a particular Friends episode (It’s totally not. I think).

Anyway, Sex Hands might not be a household name on theses shores yet but with “Pivot” and their debut full-length right around the corner that’s going to change real soon.

Sex Hands debut album, Pleh, is out on July 28th through Faux Discx and Negative Space. Pre-order here and get an immediate download of “Pivot” as well!