Caustic Cassanova Create A Cacophony Of Carefully Curated Awesome On Pantheon: Volume 3

Can we first just talk about how awesome the name Caustic Cassanova is? Cuz it is! Not only does it call to attention the type of music that the DC trio brings to the table but also rolls off the tongue like some of the great Marvel Comics alliterations of the ’60’s.

But I digress.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Caustic Cassanova has been continually putting out some solid rawk releases over the years and their most recent slew of releases are no exception. Pantheon: Volume 3 is their latest and the culmination of a trio of vinyl-only releases featuring some of their greatest tunes yet and an epic cover of Weedeater’s “God Luck and Good Speed”.

Beginning like something off of Frizzle Fry and then segueing into a sprawling jam, “Clown Butter” kicks off Pantheon: Volume 3 by highlighting the trio’s various talents like Francis Beringer’s frenetic bass work, Andrew Zonki’s shreds, and Stefanie Zaenker’s percussive perfection (And listen closely to hear her “dolphin training” in action as well).

“Everyone’s Goddamn Business” is the bee’s knees fer serious, though. You ever start an album that has a long instrumental intro and pray to the Gods that when the vocals enter that they don’t ruin the vibe? Well, it happens in my profession all the goddamn time. Not in the case of Caustic Cassanova, though! After that jam-soaked funkified opener, CC get to the nitty gritty with a fuzzed out/desert rawk transcending behemoth with “Everyone’s Goddamn Business” and co-vocals from Zaenker and Beringer which, at times, is like Kylesa and Creepoid intertwined.

“Stampede” comes at listeners like a freight train with rumbling drums and bass before sauntering off into the unknown with a series of accented crashes that fade off into the ether like some of the best Down or Crowbar fade aways (“Bury Me In Smoke” and “On Frozen Ground” come to mind especially)

On the monolithic cover of Weedeater’s “God Luck and Good Speed”, drummer Zaenker really flexes her vocal muscles as well with a blues-fueled swagger reminiscent of Melissa Auf der Maur as Caustic Cassanova expand the track from four minutes into this gargantuan nine plus minutes of sludge rawk goodness and enlist J.Robbins (Of Jawbox fame among others who also produced/engineered this EP) on banjo!

Pantheon: Volume 3 is out now and can be yours instantly by clicking right here where you can also order the vinyl formats if that’s more your bag. The three volumes of Pantheon are a vinyl-only release but were compiled for a special CD and Cassette version or digital album which can be streamed and purchased here. For upcoming live dates and more, including info on their upcoming full-length due later in 2019, head on over here.

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