Cavalera Conspiracy Devolve Into Old School Post-Thrash On Psychosis

Each subsequent Cavalera Conspiracy record since 2008’s Inflikted has been like this experimentation in regression with the releases harnessing a new school thrash vibe akin to the one Sepultura helped pioneer back in the late ’80’s/early 90’s blanketed by modern technology.

Psychosis, the fourth long player by the brothers Cavalera, continues that trend with an album that oozes with a fierce intensity beginning with “Insane” which is the perfect pummeling, tribal, rifftastic, headbang-a-licious primer for what’s to come.

“Terror Tactics” sounds exactly like something that would’ve come out of the Beneath The Remains sessions, complete with an echoed production giving the track a real old school feel as Marc Rizzo’s solos shred while “Impalement Execution” (Sweet Jeebus, even the song titles are intense) is a mid-tempo rager until it’s not. Just as “Crom” is a heavy slab of Doom until it’s not.

And that’s Psychosis in a nutshell, really. Most songs on here are one epic metal thing until they’re not making each track something that’ll have listeners on the edge of their seat for the duration of one of the Cavalera’s most focused and unique albums.

“Spectral War” devolves into this monstrous chug-fest then quickly turns into a thrash factory until “Judah Pariah” enters so fast and so hard that, when put in a live setting, will throw even the most seasoned mosher as to what’s about to happen in the pit.

The title track has this electro-tinged tribal build up, almost Industrial meets New Wave to an extent, when the guitars start to rip through it all turning this instrumental banger into a truly extraordinary Cavalera Conspiracy track. Then “Excruciating” (Again with the song titles!) hits harder than all with a sinister riff that continually crushes before ending in a clamor of noise to close out the album.

Psychosis is out through Napalm Records on November 17th with physical pre-order packages available here and digital ones available here or here or by clicking the Bandcamp stream below.

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