Chelsey and the Noise Bring Incomparable Electro Sounds On New EP Blank Frames

Avant Garde? Synthpop? Industrial? With a sound that combines the vocal flow of Lady Sovereign with the beats of Jimmy Urine, you already KNOW that Chelsey and the Noise is going to stand out as a musical entity so why does it need a label? We’re going with “Electro Hip-Hop” for the record. 

But I digress.

On Blank Frames, the California duo of Chelsey Hice and Brent Watters synthesize an eclectic array of bleeps and boops and everything in between, topped with Hice’s unique vocal style to create incomparable music that’s not confined to any one genre, making it a true original body of work.

“Mountain” is thunderous, heralding an unexpected vocal flux and a steady bass groove while “Castle” is like the latest Bring Me The Horizon monolith with this wall of guitar sound at the forefront as a blanket of beats covers it all with Hice’s electro-altered pipes striking all the right places and providing a dreamy discord.

“Thick/Clear” has Watters adding some synthetic funk to the mix until this singular piano line enters with an echoed guitar transforming the track from a club anthem to a modern Pop hit before the drums synch with Hice’s serenade and that piano comes back at you with a fierceness at the end. Closing out, “Depth Denying (Underwater)” switches gears as this mid-tempo, almost dub-step track oozes with electronic excellence propelled by big, pulsating beats and is about as epic as you’d expect an album closer to sound like.

Blank Frames is out now and can be obtained by clicking here. For the latest on Chelsey and the Noise, head on over here.


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