Child Bite Let Loose Negative Noise On April 1st (Album Review)


Negative Noise, the fourth full-length from Detroit’s Child Bite, is so exquisite yet at times utterly indescribable. In a good way. They’re not metal, not punk, they’re just frickin fantastic. And now is definitely the time for you to get to know them.

Controlled chaos and threatening to become unhinged at any moment, Negative Noise blasts to life with “Death Before Dementia” immediately echoing some of Dead Kennedys finest anthems heralded by Jeff Kraus’ militaristic drumming and Brandon Sczomak’s frenetic guitar stylings as vocalist Shawn Knight barks choruses at you. Next up, Sczomak channels a theremin with his instrument on the ethereal “Paralytic Phantasm” while Sean Clancy’s bass bounces throughout then “Euphoria Saturation Point” enters with even more frenzied time signatures for a fun sonic journey.

Lovingly produced by Housecore Records founder Phil Anselmo (Who I hear has been in some bands himself), Negative Noise sees Child Bite hitting new levels of excellence as evidenced by tracks like stomper “Video Blood” which climaxes with some of Knight’s most fierce howls or the groove-based “Beyond The Dirt” which might be the most traditionally structured CB song ever. Scary, I know.

Four albums out and you still haven’t fallen in love with Child Bite? Well, you’re just a  bad music fan then. Don’t let a good thing pass you by, take the Negative Noise plunge today!

Negative Noise is out through Housecore Records on April 1st. A plethora of pre-order options are available now through the Housecore webstore here. For more on Child Bite, including where you can see the live insanity, head on over here.

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