Child Bite offer up some Strange Waste on latest EP

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Their frontman looks like Neil Fallon but sounds like Jello Biafra, the band slams down some rawk and/or roll meets punk meets rockabilly, and their latest EP is 9 tracks long but barely clocks in at 20 minutes. They’re called Child Bite out of the great state of Michigan and if that opening statement wasn’t a dead giveaway, they’re here to blow your freaking minds.

On Strange Waste, Child Bite mix genres seamlessly never settling into any one sound for more than a heartbeat and making sure that a hyperactive opening salvo like “Still Fucked Up After All These Years” sounds nothing like “Garbage Odyssey” which follows or “Sinking in Your Skin” after that. Get it?

It might take a listen or two for the songs to really sink in (They go by so fast!) but once they do you’ll be hooked. “Molestation Of The Arts” has an old school NYC hardcore/metal vibe with its’ low end while “Ancestral Ooze” treads dangerously close to accessibility thanks to the sing-a-long chorus. “In A Cloud Of Blood/Bog Infinity” which closes out the EP goes even further off the scale and lands in Faith No More (Think the crazier aspects of Angel Dust) territory at times to keep fans on their toes yet again.

Strange Waste is out through Housecore Records on November 25th. Pre-orders are available right now right here. For more on Child Bite head on over to their official Facebook page and don’t forget to click on the video for “Ancestral Ooze” below featuring a star turn from The Melvins’ King Buzzo.



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