Chuggernaut Bring “Regressive Metal” To The Masses On Ferocious Kodiak

Luckily, a band with a moniker as epic as “Chuggernaut” and an album called Kodiak sounds exactly as you’d expect: Fucking brutal! And they’re fucking local! And there’s a lot of fucking dudes named Dave in the band! And apparently they cause us to over curse. Oops?

But I digress.

One of those rare albums where it gets better as you get further in, Kodiak is an aptly named bear of a record that’ll continually enthrall new listeners while keeping current fans on the edge of their collective seats anticipating each new note.

“Stranglehold” starts things off and is, thankfully, the new anthem for disillusioned Ted Nugent fans who love his music but hate the man. Chuggernaut’s song of the same name is a breath of fresh air as Dave Cohen’s guitars absolutely crush, bringing the roaring riffs one moment and soaring solos the next with Blaize “Dave” Collard’s percussive blasts filling up the remaining space with an unbridled intensity. Then there’s Dave Benites, whose voice is like a less refined John Garcia, with an unparalleled range going for soulful croons one instant then throated growls and ear-piercing screams the next.

The sonic journey alone during “Stranglehold” is enough to keep even the most jaded heavy music fan sticking around to hear what’s next.

What’s next is “Control Burn”, a controlled exercise in heavy excellence. Speaking of excellence, “Disposable Monuments” is everything that is right in the world of heavy riffin’ today. With this, ahem, monumental breakdown in the middle as Benites turns to a ferocious growl akin to some of the earlier Baroness tracks and Dave Marvuglio throbs underneath with the low end, Chuggernaut continue the trend of bringing it on each and every track.

But alas, it’s almost over! Before Kodiak ends, though, “Black Lung” is here to up the riff quotient adding a little djent and Zakk Wylde-y shreds as Benites snarls before soaring back up to those heavenly notes. Then “Aftermath” drops and HOLY SHIT! This cacophonous blast of noise is the most serene pummeling your earholes will endure in 2018…and then you’re done. It’s over. And all you’re left with are the memories and the knowledge that all you have to do is press that “play” button to re-enter the world of Chuggernaut anytime you’d like.

Kodiak is out on August 24th. You can pre-order your copy by clicking here right this instant! For the latest on Chuggernaut, including deets on their upcoming show at Hardcore Stadium in Cambridge, head here.

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