Circle of Dust Heralds Second Coming Of Psalm 69 With Machines of Our Disgrace


Are you not getting enough of Klayton in 2016? Do you need new Celldweller? Is Scandroid not hitting that industrial sweet spot? Well then, Circle of Dust is here to satisfy those industrial yearnings and then some.

Like taking Skold and Diatribe’s (Remember them? Anyone?) melodic moments and combining it with a more visceral sound a la Fear Factory and Ministry (Think especially Rio Grande Blood intensity here), Machines of Our Disgrace manages to be both heavy and heavenly.

Machines of Our Disgrace as a whole will make listeners question on the regular if they should be headbanging or coming up with interpretive dances to what lies within and honestly, either display is acceptable because on Circle of Dust’s fifth opus, they perfectly capture that sweet spot in between. Songs like “Embracing Entropy” (Featuring Celldweller even!) and “alt-Human” walk a fine line between dancefloor awesomeness and mosh-ready heavy metal.

“Humanarchy”, on the other hand, is a thrasher which sounds like an FF brain smasher if Al Jourgensen was on the mic for the verses and Eric Powell (16Volt) guested for the catchy-as-all-hell choruses. There’s a distinct dichotomy in Circle of Dust songs that stands apart from the singular Scandroid and Celldweller making each track on Machines… an epic journey unto itself.

Take the throbbing “Hive Mind”, for example, with a pulsating beat that ebbs and flows with Klayton’s alternating smooth and screamed verses. Or “Neophyte” which slams you over the head with ultra heavy beats and mechanized vox one moment then strokes your Pop sensibilities the next with its soaring chorus. Or the instrumental and atmospheric “Malacandra”. Not only does Machines of Our Disgrace have something for the staunchest of arms-folded, all black wearing industrial fans but for fans of good heavy music period.

Machines of Our Disgrace is available via FiXT on December 9th. Yours can be pre-ordered right here.

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