Circus Trees Ready “Impermanence” For Mass Release, Preview Song With Mini-Documentary Available Now

Three sisters. All under the age of 18. Putting every other musician out there to shame with the musicality and songwriting prowess that they display at such a young age. Which begs the question: If they sound this good now, how incredible are they going to sound going forward?

But we’re in the here and now and the subject at hand is “Impermanence”, a sludgey slab of post-rock that’s almost too good to be true and also happens to be the debut single from those aforementioned sisters who are collectively known as Circus Trees.

Most Massholes know Marlborough as the place where the Solomon Pond Mall dwells and the annual Super Megafest happens (No? Just me?) but it’s also the place where the McCarthy sisters formed Circus Trees and began creating tracks like “Impermanence”. Recorded by Vanessa Silberman with art and back up vocals from Carissa Johnson (Who we interviewed over on our Deathkiss Dinner and a Movie radio show over on WEMF AND then reviewed her fantastic latest album here), the track embodies post-rawk goodness especially if you compare it to Junius’ recent work or the moodier elements of Thrice’s Vehissu.

Finola leads the way with her haunting delivery (Akin to Tracey Thorn, Hope Sandoval, or Emma Ruth Rundle at times) coupled with her subtle yet intricate guitar work as layers are added building to these beautiful gang vocals and a fuzzed out collision of sounds when Giuliana’s drums come crashing down and Edmee’s ethereal keys bring a new level of ambiance.

“Impermanence” will be released on Friday, April 27th through all major digital outlets. For the latest and greatest on Circus Trees, including upcoming live performances, head on over to this location. In advance of the single, you can watch a documentary on the making of the song, the genesis of Circus Trees, and interviews with the McCarthy sisters along with Silberman and Johnson below.

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