Cocksure Returns With Corporate_Sting (Album Review)

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Chris Connelly does not stop. Not satisfied with having both his 15th solo album or the upcoming Bells Into Machines record with former Ministry co-hort Paul Barker out in 2015, Connelly has reteamed with Acumen Nation’s Jason Novak for yet another slab of industrial debauchery under the guise of Cocksure. Yes, boys and girls. That’s at least THREE albums from the legendary Scotsman this year. Count yourself blessed.

The follow-up to last year’s TVMALSV is better in every way and raunchier, if that’s at all possible. From the bombast of opener “Porno Drones” to the cover of Severed Heads’ “Harold and Cindy Hospital” straight through to the sleek high-speed banger “Hi Talez”, Cocksure prove to be so much more than the second coming of RevCo.

Connelly and Novak have developed this synchronicity on Corporate_Sting that is so ridiculously smooth and beautiful that you’ll wonder why either should collaborate with anyone else. Ever. “Hustler Face” and “Kollider Scope” instantly come to mind when thinking about the Connelly/Novak magic here. The former is pure sonic bliss with a throbbing bass that reverberates into your bones, a cacophony of sounds that could’ve been plucked from a horror movie, and Connelly adopting his “Stateless” or “Cannibal Song” mania for the hypnotic chorus. The latter, meanwhile, is ominous with a drone that comes off like a nuclear explosion every time it hits and some of the most evil sounding bass lines this side of a ’90’s Godflesh release.

Elsewhere, “Cold Dick” has that signature Connelly cadence in a song that is often reminiscent of Mindless Self Indulgence while “Mighty Mouse” is like a lost Oingo Boingo gem.

Corporate_Sting is out through Metropolis Records on August 21st but you should pre-order your copy now. Because you need to own this. Head on over to Metropolis Mail Order for yours!




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