Cold Cave Set Out On North American Tour, Release You & Me & Infinity EP

As a goth kid, I know that I’m supposed to like Cold Cave but for some reason they never did it for me. I mean, they’re good at what they do and were truly mesmerizing on stage while attending my first Cold Waves Festival last year but something just never clicks for me. You & Me & Infinity might finally be the collection of songs that owns me…or at least opens my eyes to what all the kids are ravin’ about these days.

But I digress.

The opening track hooked me. Hard. I’m not gonna lie. It’s everything I want for the soundtrack of my favorite goth club that no longer exists. It’s soaked in ’80’s New Wave and Goth and just the perfect introduction for anyone out there who, like me, is still on the fence in regards to this sultry and seductive duo.

If “You and Me and Infinity” hooked you then “Nothing is True but You” is the track that will own you with all its’ inherent sexiness. And it doesn’t even have to try hard as the hypnotic synth lines come at you and Wesley Eisold and Amy Lee’s hushed vocals sink the Cold Cave claws deeper into your psyche amidst the lush sonic backdrop and propelling beats.

I just finished the brilliant Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s by Lori Majewski and Jonathan Bernstein (Available via Amazon right here) and if ever there was a song on here that truly embodies that Factory vibe wholeheartedly it’s “Glory”. It’s like a club anthem and a triumphant victory lap all rolled into one with sonic nods to New Order throughout.

But the actual victory lap here comes from “My Heart is Immortal” which furthers the all black aesthetic with Eisold’s spoken word delivery entrancing you as Lee’s sultry appearance accents the track with a colossal wall of synthetic structure fluctuating behind the duo.

You & Me & Infinity is out through Heartworm digitally now and physically on June 1st. All you impatient ppl can get yer grubby little paws on the EP now by clicking here and then click here to actually get your grubby little paws on, y’know, an actual product. For the latest on Cold Cave, including where you can see them on their current tour (Hitting Boston’s Paradise on June 13th), then go here.

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