Coliseum Deliver Epic Post-Punk Anxiety’s Kiss Via Deathwish On May 5th


I love instant gratification…learn about a band, preview their stuff, like it, buy it, it’s yours. That was the case with Coliseum. I’d heard the name but for some reason had never gotten my toes wet in their noise pool. I saw an article on Spin where they said Killing Joke was more important than Nirvana (Duh!), listened to the stream within, dug it a lot, ordered the vinyl, got an instant download, and the physical copy within a day. Ah, modern times! Also, Deathwish Inc (Coliseum’s new label) rules.

But I digress.

If you dip your toes into their latest, Anxiety’s Kiss, you’ll be treated to a metamorphosis akin to when Clutch leapt from the metallic crunch of Transnational Speedway League to the beginnings of their brand of evolved rawk found on their self-titled second.

That said, think of opener “We Are The Water” as a mission statement when it leaps from the depths with a glorious post-punk attitude which, while a far cry from their eponymous debut, is still Coliseum at its core. Kayhan Vaziri’s bass is bouncy as all hell and reminiscent at times of I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness while Ryan Patterson’s bark definitely has some Jaz Coleman mania within. The Killing Joke connection really rears its head on “Course Correction” which, like “Comedown” later on, is a vicious slab of nu-punk/heavy metal Devo goodness.

“Sharp Fangs, Pale Flesh” trades the Coleman charm for a croon that could easily be heard on any Afghan Whigs album (Yes, I’m talking Greg Dulli comparisons here!) and then songs like “Wrong…Goodbye” or “Dark Light Of Seduction” swoops in and Patterson’s voice astounds yet again. Carter Wilson, meanwhile, is impeccably precise on tracks like “Sunlight In A Snowstorm” and merciless behind the kit during hypnotic closer “Escape Yr Skull”.

Anxiety’s Kiss will be released through Deathwish Inc on May 5th. Pre-orders are here. If you buy the vinyl, and you get redirected to an option to get the reissue of their 2004 debut you might wanna add that to your basket too. Coliseum will also be hitting the road in support of Anxiety’s Kiss and playing Cambridge’s Middle East Upstairs on June 15th with Child Bite (Who we recently reviewed here). For tour dates and more go here.


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