Compound Eye Sessions Out Now, Features Marc Heal And PIG!


PRAISE THE LARD, Pig has risen again and blessed his herd with not one, but two releases this year with hopefully more to follow (New full-length please?). If you’re impatient (Like me!) and can’t hold out until the EP with Primitive Race is released in June (Our review is here) then how about some instant gratification in the form of the Compound Eye Sessions?

Billed as PIG vs MC Lord of the Flies, Compound Eye Sessions boasts four original tracks (Two by PIG, two by MC Lord of the Flies) and four remixes (Including a contribution by Front Line Assembly/Conjure One’s Rhys Fulber) and was actually recorded back in 2012. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If PIG aka Raymond Watts wasn’t enough industrial awesome for your earholes then maybe knowing that MC Lord of the Flies is none other than Marc Heal will help seal the deal to all you hesitant buyers/listeners. Indeed, Cubanate mainman Heal not only contributes two originals but also contributed to both PIG tracks making this a match made in electronic heaven (Or industrial hell depending on your perspective).

If you want old school, then Watts has you covered. Almost an instant PIG classic with modern twists, “Drugzilla” is the perfect reintroduction to the world of Watts with his infamous wordplay firmly in place amidst the synths and syncopated beats. “Shake”, however, is a different sort of swine altogether with a surprisingly sing-a-long chorus and spirited synthetic breakdown.

As incredible as the PIG tracks are (Including Watts remixing his own “Drugzilla” later on), Heal’s originals are almost in another dimension. I was first introduced to Cubanate through one of the Mortal Kombat soundtracks back in the mid-90’s and while their output then was pretty amazing,  “The Compound Eye” will have you jumping back away from your chosen listening device yelling “GIT THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THIS!!!” It’s incredible. It’s the kind of music KMFDM should be making in 2015 with constant, driving guitars, out of this world synthetic noise and Heal’s gruff delivery making your ears bleed. In contrast, “The Doll” goes for a more subtle intensity to drive its point home but is no less fierce than “The Compound Eye”.

Compound Eye Sessions is out now through Armalyte Industries. Click the link below or here to get yours instantly.

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