Corrections House Personify “Aggrotech” On Latest Album, Know How To Carry A Whip


Scott Kelly. Mike IX Williams. Sanford Parker. Bruce Lamont. All underground legends. All here for your aural pleasure once again as Corrections House. And on their sophomore outing these legends go bigger, badder, bolder, and bleaker. Know How To Carry A Whip is not so much the sound of the apocalypse as it is the aftermath. Think Hardware not Mad Max.

“Crossing My One Good Finger” is infused with a tribal industrial crunch and sees Williams and Kelly trading verses filled with bile and anger while “Superglued Tooth” is vicious and ups the tribal intensity with a hearty heaping of mechanical pummeling.

“White Man’s Gonna Lose” treads RevCo, early Ministry, and Cocksure territory with its evil trance/dance vibe and “The Hall Of Cost” (Get it?) takes Al Jourgensen’s modern vocal approach combined with something off The Land Of Rape And Honey.

“Hopeless Moronic” borders trip-hop territory (And even breaches spoken word as does “I Was Never Good At Meth” ). No, really. It’s like something Tricky would concoct. “Visions Divide” is an country/electro concoction that shares more in common with a John Carpenter score than any Hank Williams recording complete with a Bruce Lamont driven Mariachi-esque outro. Done on a saxophone. Then “When Push Comes To Shank” saunters in like a demented ’80’s-inspired Miami Vice/Glenn Frey jam thanks to Lamont’s sax until these crunching guitars enter.

At the end of the day, Know How To Carry A Whip is a strong, solid follow up from a group of underground doom legends that just might be the best Industrial Metal album you’ll spend your money on all year.

Know How To Carry A Whip is out on October 23rd through Neurot Recordings. Get yours here and then go here for more on Corrections House.

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